Qlutch, Take control of any server

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When Qlutch loads, it injects itself into the server so even if the owner decides to remove the plugin they installed, Qlutch will still be present on the server. It is practically impossible to remove!

Change name

You can change the name, version and author of all the plugins by opening it in winrar and editing the plugin.yml to make it look as custom as possible to help owners install it! Not to mention the plugins are fully working!

Multiple Choice

When you buy Qlutch, you have a wide selection of plugins to use when backdooring a server. No matter what plugin the owner is looking for, you'll have it. Even legitimate premium plugins!



Qlutch Lite

  1. Undetectable
  2. In Game Commands
  3. 90+ commands
  4. Lock Console & Commands
  5. Op your friends
  6. Works on x1.8 and above

Premium Plan

  1. All lower package features
  2. Prefix & Other perks
  3. Edit & delete server files
  4. Install or uninstall plugins from in game
  5. Discord Raider
  6. Works x1.8 and above

Qlutch Console

  1. All lower package features
  2. Desktop GUI (.exe)
  3. Control server while not in-game
  4. Unban or whitelist yourself so you can rejoin
  5. Your own console for the server
  6. Works x1.8 and above


Qlutch Bundle

  1. Undetectable
  2. Qlutch Lite
  3. Qlutch Premium
  4. Qlutch Console
  5. All for a cheaper price
  6. All features unlocked


Qlutch is the most advanced Force-Op Backdoor plugin avaliable. It is disguised as a number of different plugins for owners to install. Some plugins include anticheats, worldedit, cosmetic plugins and more. Qlutch has many features to stop you from being banned and is impossible for the owner to accidently come across or remove! There are 60+ forceop commands.
To purchase Qlutch, register on the forums then click on your name on the forums to bring down the user menu and click "Account Upgrades" then all the packages will be avaliable to purchase there. Once you've purchased Qlutch go to the forums and click on the resources. There you will be able to download all different legit plugins that work and that have Qlutch injected inside.
To use qlutch you have to find owners of servers to install the jar file you receive as it is a plugin. They install it on their minecraft server and you can start taking over and controlling the server!
Getting owners to install it is much easier than you think. One of the ways you could convince an owner to install the plugin. Contact a server owner and tell them you're looking for beta testers for your custom coded anticheat plugin! Tell them it is unreleased yet, and when it is released it will be a premium resource and in return of them being a beta tester, they get the anticheat for free! Tell them all your current beta testers who have replaced their old anticheats like spartan, nocheatplus, aac, etc have been happy with the change and wouldn't switch back.
Once you have successfully convinced an owner to install Qlutch, join the server and type "./login" into the chat. You should be logged into Qlutch and be able to use commands! Start by typing "help".
For Qlutch Console to work the server has to have a spare open port you can use to allow the plugin to communicate with the exe file. The easiest way to find an open port is to ask the owner who installed your plugin if he has an open one or can open one for you. To enable the port use the qlutch command "consoleconnect " Other methods of finding an open port exist and you can find guides on the website.
Qlutch lite has 60+ commands for you to use when Qlutch is installed on the server. Qlutch Premium only adds a few benefits. You will get a prefix in qlutch chat and have extra commands like editing files, uninstalling and installing plugins and discord server raiding. Qlutch Lite is fine if you're on a budget. Premium is only for the MVPs.
If this happens you can try logging out of the forums and logging back in to make sure your ip is up to date. If that doesn't work make sure you are not on a localhost server. This is because your ip when on localhost is different to your public ip so it will not work. If this doesn't fix your problem please open a ticket.
There are many plugins out there that link a minecraft server with their discord bot. One example is DiscordSRV. Because of this, the discord bot token (which is needed to login as a bot) can be found in the config files. Use the showtoken command to show the discord token, if they aren't using DiscordSRV but another plugin, use the edit command to edit the correct config file and view the token. Once this is done, you can login as the bot and command the bot to delete channels, dm users, spam, etc all from in game, using Qlutch
If you haven't bought qlutch your forum access is restricted because we don't want owners to find out our secrets and know what to look out for. This way only qlutch clients can access the forums fully and other parts of the website. Buy qlutch to unlock the methods, addons and everything else!