Qlutch, Take control of any server



As soon as Qlutch is enabled, it injects itself into the server so even if the owner decides to uninstall the plugin Qlutch will still be present on the server! Because of this Qlutch is practically impossible to remove!


To help convince the owner, you can change the name, version and author of the plugin by editing the plugin.yml This will make it look like you made it and its 100% custom made.

Many Choices

Many plugins have been infected with Qlutch, even paid plugins so there will be no trouble finding a plugin the owner wants and is willing to install!


Qlutch has been the #1 Backdoor ForceOp Plugin since 2016

Frequent Updates

Qlutch has active developers and Qlutch gets updated with new features regularly!

Excellent Support

Whatever the issue, you have support from the wiki, the community and the staff



Lite Plan

  1. Undetectable
  2. In Game Commands
  3. 90+ Commands
  4. Lock Console & Commands
  5. Op your friends
  6. Works on x1.8 and above

Premium Plan

  1. All lower package features
  2. Prefix & Other perks
  3. Edit & delete server files
  4. Install or uninstall plugins
  5. Discord Raider
  6. Works on x1.8 and above

Console Plan

  1. All lower package features
  2. Desktop GUI (.exe)
  3. Control server while not in-game
  4. Unban or whitelist yourself so you can rejoin
  5. Your own console for the server
  6. Works on x1.8 and above


Bundle Plan

  1. Undetectable
  2. Qlutch Lite
  3. Qlutch Premium
  4. Qlutch Console
  5. All for a cheaper price
  6. All features unlocked