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SimpleHomes | 1.7 - 1.16 |

INJECTED SimpleHomes | 1.7 - 1.16 | 2021-06-01

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1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16


SimpleHomes is a stable base homes plugin. It offers all the essential features necessary in a homes plugin and some additional useful permissions. It is designed to be simple and just work. If you're looking for a more featured homes plugin with many more commands/permissions, I am currently developing that.

  • Active plugin & developer.
  • Metrics through bStats.
  • User data stored in separate JSON files.
  • Paginated homes list with clickable text to traverse pages/go to homes.
  • All messages sent by the plugin are changeable/translatable.
  • Full PlaceholderAPI support.
  • Boss bar for teleport delay.
  • Permission-based max homes.
  • Completely open-source.

SimpleHomes only has 5 commands:
  • /sethome [name] - Set a new home at your current location.
  • /home [player|name] [name] - Teleport to a certain home.
  • /homes [player] - View a paginated list of homes.
  • /delhome [player|name] [name] - Delete a certain home.
  • /simplehomes [help|reload] - Get help or reload the plugin.


There are a number of permissions available to modify what certain players can do.

These are given to all players automatically, but can be negated with a permission manager such as LuckPerms:
  • simplehomes.sethome - Allows players to set a home.
  • simplehomes.home - Allows players to go to one of their homes.
  • simplehomes.homes - Allows players to view a list of their homes.
  • simplehomes.delhome - Allows players to delete one of their homes.
  • simplehomes.nether - Allows players to set homes in the nether dimension.
  • simplehomes.end - Allows players to set homes in the end dimension.
These are intended for server staff and are only given to opped players automatically:
  • simplehomes.delhome.other - Allows players to delete another player's home.
  • simplehomes.home.other - Allows players to travel to another player's home.
  • simplehomes.homes.other - Allows players to view other player's homes.
  • simplehomes.reload - Allows players to reload the plugin.
  • simplehomes.sethome.unlimited - Allows players to set unlimited homes.
  • simplehomes.delay.bypass - Allows players to bypass the teleport delay.
To set a player's max homes limit with permissions use simplehomes.sethome.max.<integer>, replacing <integer> with the number of max homes.


If you have any questions about the default config.yml (see below) or suggestions for new config options, join Discord.
# SimpleHomes by Majekdor. Need help? Ask here: https://discord.majek.dev

# The default number of homes a user will have if they have no additional permissions
# Set to -1 for unlimited (or just a huge number :P)
default-max-homes: 3

# Whether or not to use the plugin prefix defined in the lang.yml in messages
use-prefix: true

# The teleport delay for players who don't have simplehomes.delay.bypass
# Set to 0 for no delay
teleport-delay: 3

# Whether or not players should respawn at their main home when they die
respawn-home: false

# Whether or not to show a boss bar during teleport delay
use-boss-bar: false
All messages sent by SimpleHomes are stored in the lang.yml file (see below, available here since Spigot does an awful job displaying it) and can be changed/translated. Color codes and other formatting are done using MiniMessage. Legacy color codes (&c, &l, etc.) will not work. Those are being removed from Minecraft entirely in the near future.
# SimpleHomes by Majekdor. Need help? Ask here: https://discord.majek.dev
# Message configuration - for colors this uses MiniMessage (https://docs.adventure.kyori.net/minimessage.html#the-components)
prefix: "<blue>Simple<aqua>Homes<gray>:"
teleportBar: "<aqua>Teleporting<gray>..."
noPermission: "<red>You do not have permission to do that!"
reloaded: "<green>SimpleHomes reloaded successfully!"
invalidSender: "<red>You must be in-game to use this command."
unknownPlayer: "<gray>Unknown player <aqua>%player%<gray>."
usage: "<gray>Usage: <aqua>/sethome <gold><</gold><aqua>name<gold>>"
createdHome: "<gray>Set a home with name <aqua>%name%<gray> at your current location."
noMoreHomes: "<gray>You cannot set any more homes! Use <aqua>/delhome <gold>\\<<aqua>name<gold>\\><gray> to remove a home. (Limit: <aqua>%limit%<gray>)"
nameAlreadyExists: "<gray>You already have a home with the name <aqua>%name%<gray>! Try again with a different name."
nonAlphanumeric: "<gray>Your home name must be alphanumeric! Please choose a different name."
worldNotAllowed: "<gray>You are not allowed to set homes in this world!"
usage: "<gray>Usage: <aqua>/home <gold>[<aqua>name<gold>]"
noHomes: "<gray>You do not have any homes set! Set one with <aqua>/sethome <gold>[<aqua>name<gold>]"
invalidHome: "<gray>You do not have a home named <aqua>%name%<gray>. Type <aqua>/homes<gray> to see your homes."
teleportedHome: "<gray>Teleported to home <aqua>%name%<gray>."
teleportedOther: "<gray>Teleported to home <aqua>%name%<gray> belonging to <aqua>%player%<gray>."
invalidHomeOther: "<aqua>%player%<gray> does not have a home named <aqua>%name%<gray>. Type <aqua>/homes <gold>\\<<aqua>player<gold>\\><gray> to see their homes."
warmup: "<gray>Teleporting in <aqua>%time% <gray>seconds. Do not move..."
teleportationCancelled: "<gray>You moved! Teleportation canceled."
wait: "<gray>You cannot run this command right now."
usage: "<gray>Usage: <aqua>/homes <gold>[<aqua>player<gold>]"
headerYours: "<aqua>Your Homes"
headerOthers: "<gray>Homes belonging to <aqua>%player%"
page: "Page"
prev: "Prev"
previousPage: "<aqua>Click to view the previous page"
noPreviousPage: "<gray>No previous page"
next: "Next"
nextPage: "<aqua>Click to view the next page"
noNextPage: "<gray>No next page"
clickToTravel: "<aqua>Click to teleport home"
invalidPage: "<gray>Invalid page number. Must be between 1 and %max%."
noHomes: "<gray>You do not have any homes set! Set one with <aqua>/sethome <gold>[<aqua>name<gold>]"
noHomesOther: "<aqua>%player%<gray> does not have any homes set."
usage: "<gray>Usage: <aqua>/delhome <gold>[<aqua>player<gold>] <gold><</gold><aqua>name<gold>>"
invalidHome: "<gray>You do not have a home named <aqua>%name%<gray>! Type <aqua>/homes<gray> to see your homes."
invalidHomeOther: "<aqua>%player%<gray> does not have a home named <aqua>%name%<gray>! Type <aqua>/homes <gold><<aqua>name<gold>><gray> to see their homes."
deleted: "<gray>Your home <aqua>%name% <gray>was deleted."
deletedOther: "<gray>Home <aqua>%name% <gray>belonging to <aqua>%player%<gray> was deleted."
     - "<gray><bold>---------------------------------"
- "                  <blue>Simple<aqua>Homes"
- "            <gray>Created by: <aqua>Majekdor"
- "                <gray>Version: <aqua>%version%"
- "   <gray>Use /simplehomes help to get started"
- "<gray><bold>---------------------------------"
     - "<gray><bold>------------------<blue><bold>Simple<aqua><bold>Homes<gray><bold>------------------"
- "<gray>· <hover:show_text:'<gray>Usage: <aqua>/home <gold>[<aqua>player<gray>|<aqua>name<gold>] <gold>[<aqua>name<gold>]'><aqua>Home<gray>: Go to a home."
- "<gray>· <hover:show_text:'<gray>Usage: <aqua>/homes <gold>[<aqua>player<gold>]'><aqua>Homes<gray>: List all homes."
- "<gray>· <hover:show_text:'<gray>Usage: <aqua>/sethome <gold>[<aqua>name<gold>]'><aqua>SetHome<gray>: Set a home at your current location."
- "<gray>· <hover:show_text:'<gray>Usage: <aqua>/delhome <gold>[<aqua>player<gray>|<aqua>name<gold>] <gold>[<aqua>name<gold>]'><aqua>DelHome<gray>: Delete a home."
- "<gray>· <hover:show_text:'<gray>Usage: <aqua>/simplehomes <gold>[<aqua>help<gray>|<aqua>reload<gold>]'><aqua>SimpleHomes<gray>: Main plugin command."
- "<gray><bold>----------------------------------------------"


The best way to contact me for any plugin support is through the Discord linked below. You are also welcome to message me through Spigot or post on the discussion page, though I may not respond as fast as Discord.
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