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CustomWings [1.13 - 1.16]

INJECTED CustomWings [1.13 - 1.16] 2021-06-01

No permission to download
1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16

Custom Wings

CustomWings allows players to equip beautiful particle wings ingame, to show off to their friends.

CustomWings comes with preset wings, but you are free to create many more. You can even make the wings animated!
Wings can be created through the config. CustomWings features an ingame Editor GUI allowing you to edit wing settings on the fly.

/wings (/w) - Main command, opens the wing selection GUI
permission: customwings.command
permission for each wing: customwings.wing.WINGID

/wings setwing {playername} {wing ID} - sets a wing for the specified player
permission: customwings.setwing

/wings edit (/w e) - open the wing editor GUI
permission: customwings.editor

/wings preview (/w p) - unattached the currently equipped wing from the player, making it float in the air
permission: customwings.preview

/wings reload (/w r) - reload CustomWings
permission: customwings.reload

/wings takeaway {playername} {wing ID} - Take away a wing from a player if they have bought it before
permission: customwings.takeawaywings
#Name/ID of the wing, used to reference the wing.

#If true the wing will also show then the player is moving
showWhenMoving: true
#The worlds where wing can be equipped. Use "all" for all worlds in the server
- "all"
- "world_nether2"

#Type of price to pay
# "economy" - Default vault economy
# "token" - TokenManager
price-type: token
#Price to pay to unlock the wings
# -1 = cannot buy; 0 = free
price: 10

NoahOrtega made a program to convert an image to pixels which can be used to create wings for CustomWings. CustomWings is not associated with this program.
My program can be found here: https://github.com/NoahOrtega/PixToText
First release
Last update
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