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INJECTED Enchantments Extractor 2021-06-01

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1.8, 1.15, 1.16

Enchantments Extractor

Enchantment Extractor is, as its name says, a plugin for extracting enchantment from items.
Swords, Axes, Shovels, Armor... Almost everything that is enchanted can have its enchantments extracted!
The instalation couldn't be simpler! Only drag and drop the .jar file to your server /plugins folder.

NOTE: The spigot download redirects to the 1.15 release, if you want to download any other version, check the release version next to the minecraft version below

Take the item you want to extract enchantments from, use the command /disenchant and make sure to have
diamonds in your inventory, because you will need them to pay the operation!
You can now use a Vault based plugin to pay the disenchantments

How does the extraction work?
The extraction requires diamonds to work, so the plugin calculates how much an extraction costs assuming
every level of the enchantment cost 1 diamond. So extract Power II from a sword would cost 2 diamonds, Power IV would cost 4 diamonds and so on...

Since 1.2 now you can add custom materials to pay with and you can customize how much do you want your users to pay for the extracion.

  • enchantmentsextractor.disenchant: Allows the user to use the /disenchant command
Previous versions support
Since this is a very simple plugin, I want to code it for as much versions as requested. Obviously, this is very hard in practise, so this list will be about the supported minecraft versions the plugin can work with:

  • Supported: ✅
  • Not supported: ❌
  • In development: &
Minecraft server versions:

  • 1.16: ✅ (Native)
  • 1.15: ✅ (Native)
  • 1.14: ❌
  • 1.13: ❌
  • 1.12: ❌
  • 1.11: ❌
  • 1.10: ❌
  • 1.9: ❌
  • 1.8: ✅ (Release 1.2.1)
  • 1.7: ❌
Note: If you want to get the plugin ported to a version feel free to contact me in the plugin spigot page
Having trouble with the plugin? Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Feel free to open an Issue on the repository so I can add new things to the plugin


Do you want to extend the plugin functionality? Great! In this section I'll explain how to do it in order to make all the dependencies work, so let's begin!

The VaultAPI is used in order to enable the Economy usage.

VaultAPI and Spigot API is available through Maven (See pom.xml).

Language adition:

In order to add a new language to the list just add the messages to the config.yml file and open a pull request indicating the language and its abbreviation
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