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1.14, 1.15, 1.16

PostPigeon allows you to send pigeons to other players, carrying items. Every pigeon (parrot) can hold from 9 to 56 items (configuarable)

To obtain a pigeon, you need to feed a wild parrot corn. Craft corn by placing a piece of wheat in a crafting table. To send the pigeon to another player, do /pigeon post <playername>. If the player is close, the pigeon will fly towards the target player. If the player is further away, the pigeon will teleport to the player.


After feeding the parrot, it will now follow you like a normal parrot.

To open the parrots Inventory, right-click the parrot.

/pigeon post <player> - send a pigeon to a specific player.
/pigeon corn - get a piece of corn instead of crafting.
/pigeon untame - untame a pigeon
/pigeon reload - reload the config
/pigeon spawn <color> - spawn a pigeon
# Thank you for using PostPigeon, if you need any help, you can contact me in the following discord:
# >

#The language file used for public messages.
#If you make a good translation to your language, feel free to contact me in the discord or
#Submit a pull request to the github page.
language-file: "lang_en"

#When this feature is enabled, pigeon inventories can only be opened by the owner of the pigeon.
private-pigeons: true

#Configure the pigeon inventory

#The size of the pigeon inventory. The value currently goes from 1-6, where 1 is a single row and 6 is a double chest.
size: 1

#Configure allowed and disallowed items in the pigeon inventory.
#Set to true to enabled whitelist/blacklist
enabled: false
#Set to true to turn the whitelist into a blacklist.
whitelist-is-blacklist: false
#A list of items on the whitelist/blacklist.

#Settings for crafting corn, used to tame pigeons.
#Set to false to disable the crafting recipe.
#NOTE: Change of this setting REQUIRES a restart/reload
crafting: true
#The name of the crafted item. Color codes are available.
name: "&aCorn"
#The lore of the crafted item. Color codes are available.
- "&7Use to tame pigeons"
- "&7Right click on a pigeon to tame it." - access to /pigeon post
postpigeon.corn - access to /pigeon corn
postpigeon.untame - access to /pigeon untame
postpigeon.spawn - access to /pigeon spawn
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