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adminAnything Crack with Qlutch

INJECTED adminAnything Crack with Qlutch 2.4.12

No permission to download
Minecraft 1.2.5+ compatible :)
AdminAnything can be installed on Bukkit-based servers (CraftBukkit, Spigot...) running Minecraft version 1.2.5+... because they are still popular :p

  • find conflicts in commands on your server
    do you have Essentials and WorldEdit installed side-by-side? ever realized they both contain a /tree command and that Spigot is randomly choosing which plugin will act when you actually run the /tree command?

  • resolve plug-in conflicts
    have a final say at what the /tree command should really do rather than letting Spigot randomly choose between /essentials:tree and /worldedit:tree for you

  • disable unwanted commands
    get rid of all the commands you don't want your players (including OPs) to use (players with the correct AA permission assigned can still use them, if you choose so)

  • mute commands
    if you have commands which are run by automation scripts (world backups, ranks checks etc.) that spam your console, or even send unneeded messages to your OPs, you can completely mute them using AdminAnything

  • easily set up new servers or fine-tune old ones
    not sure which plugin contains this mysterious /helloworld command? you can review list of all commands, along with all their aliases and permissions with a single command - /lc
    use filters to drill-down to the exact command (or set of commands), then check any online player for access to that command and/or permission

  • add new virtual permissions to any command on your server
    sometimes, the permissions provided by a plugin are just not enough. now you can add your own virtual permissions for any command, including its parameters and fine-tune your plugins in a way that wasn't possible before!

  • redirect commands
    when you need to redirect "/shop", so it actually runs "/warp shop", simply use AdminAnything and set this up in seconds

  • fully customizable
    if you find out that there's a feature which you don't need in AdminAnything, you can simply turn that feature off in the plugin's config

  • chat GUI!
    if you or your moderators use AdminAnything in game, you can now click on various elements of AdminAnything's output to perform actions instead of typing commands into chat (and trying to remember their usage)

  • chat actions
    players with the right permissions can execute arbitrary command that's configured in AdminAnything's config.yml file when they click on different chat areas (nickname, join/leave message...)

  • translations
    all the text in AdminAnything is translatable and you can easily create your own translation files and even use color codes in them (and you're welcome to contribute these files back to the project, of course!). You will find an AdminAnything/languages folder in your server's plugins directory where you can put new language files in the following format: [lang_file_prefix]-[AA_version].properties

List of commands for AdminAnything

  • /aa_listcommands - Lists all loaded commands for all plug-ins. Options available via "/aa_listcommands ?"
    • permission: aa.listcommands
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: listcommands, lc
  • /aa_checkcommandconflicts- Checks for commands and aliases that conflict with each other and display them.
    • permission: aa.checkcommandconflicts
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: checkcommandconflicts, ccc
  • /aa_fixcommand- Tells a conflicting command which plugin should perform it.
    • permission: aa.fixcommand
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: fixcommand, fixc
  • /aa_unfixcommand - Unfixes a fixed conflicting command, so the server will handle its execution in a default way.
    • permission: aa.unfixcommand
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: unfixcommand, unfixc
  • /aa_disablecommand- Disables a command on the server, so it's ignored if anyone tries to run it.
    • permission: aa.deletecommand
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: delcommand, delc, disablecommand, dcmd
  • /aa_enablecommand- Restores a command disabled by aa_diablecommand to its working state.
    • permission: aa.undeletecommand
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: undelcommand, undelc, enablecommand, enablec
  • /aa_mutecommand- Mutes a command on the server, so it doesn't send any console or chat messages when used.
    • permission: aa.mutecommand
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: mutecommand, mc, mutec
  • /aa_unmutecommand- Un-mutes a command that was muted by aa_mutecommand.
    • permission: aa.unmutecommand
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: unmutecommand, umc, unmutec
  • /aa_clearchat- Clears the chat or console window.
    • permission: aa.clearchat
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: clearchat, cc, cls, clr
  • /aa_playerperms - Displays all permissions that a player currently has.
    • permission: aa.checkplayerperms
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: playerperms
  • /aa_playercommands - Displays all commands that a player currently has.
    • permission: aa.checkplayercommands
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: playercommands, playercomms, pc, pcommands
  • /aa_pluginperms - Displays all permissions for a given plugin along with their descriptions.
    • permission: aa.checkpluginperms
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: pluginperms
  • /aa_ignorecommand - Adds the given command to a list of commands for which conflicts are being ignored.
    • permission: aa.ignorecommand
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: ignorecommand, ignorec, ic
  • /aa_unignorecommand - Removes the given command from the list of commands for which conflicts are being ignored.
    • permission: aa.unignorecommand
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: unignorecommand, unignorec, uic
  • /aa_addperm - Adds a virtual permission for a command (including any provided parameters, i.e. "/kit abc") that can be used to enable/disable access to it.
    • permission: aa.allowaddperm
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: addperm,ap
  • /aa_delperm - Removes a virtual permission added via the /aa_addperm command.
    • permission: aa.allowremperm
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: delperm,remperm,rp
  • /aa_addredirect - Adds a command redirect.
    • permission: aa.allowredirectadd
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: addredirect,ar
  • /aa_delredirect - Removes a command redirect.
    • permission: aa.allowredirectremove
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: delredirect,remredirect,remred,rr
  • /aa_actions - Shows all available actions for the given command.
    • permission: aa.showactions
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: -none-
  • /aa_version - Shows current AdminAnything version.
    • permission: aa.showversion
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: -none-
  • /aa_reload- Reloads AdminAnything configuration
    • permission: aa.reload
    • default permission restriction: OPs only
    • aliases: -none-

Additional permissions for AdminAnything

  • aa.bypassdeletecommand, aa.bypassdeletecommand.all - Allows running any command that was disabled.
    default permission restriction: OPs only

  • aa.bypassdeletecommand.command_name - Allows running the disabled command provided as "command_name". For example, to enable a player run the disabled "/ban" command, the permission would be: "aa.bypassdeletecommand.ban"
    default permission restriction: OPs only

  • aa.allowchatnickclick - Allows clicking on nicks in chat which will perform action set in the config.
    default permission restriction: OPs only

  • aa.allowjoinleaveclick - Allows showing and using administrative links when a player joins/leaves the server.
    default permission restriction: OPs only

  • aa.notifynewversion - Allows for chat notifications on player join when a new version of AdminAnything is available for download.
    default permission restriction: OPs only


  • features
    this configuration section enables and disables features of AdminAnything
    to enable a feature, change its "enabled" parameter to "true"
    to disable a feature, change its "enabled" parameter to "false"
    please DO NOT update the "linked" sections

  • listcommandsDefaults
    these are the defaults for /aa_listcommands output - you can choose what exactly you want to see in that output when you perform this command without the need to explicitly use this command's parameters (i.e. instead of doing /aa_listcommands desc:yes aliases:yes ... you can set this up in this configuration section)

  • chatNickClickActions
    contains customizable actions that are displayed before player's name in chat to those with "aa.allowchatnickclick" permission
    when a player clicks on one of these actions, a command set up in this config will be executed
    default value for this configuration creates 2 actions - [P] and [C] which list current player permissions and commands, respectively:
    Code (Text):
    color: aqua
    command: "/aa_playercommands %PLAYER%"
    color: light_purple
    command: "/aa_playerperms %PLAYER%"
    ... the "%PLAYER%" part of command will be replaced by the actual name of the player the command is executed for

  • chatJoinLeaveActions
    contains customizable actions that are displayed on player's join and leave events under their username in chat to those with "aa.allowjoinleaveclick" permission
    when a player clicks on one of these actions, a command set up in this config will be executed
    default value for this configuration creates 5 actions, 3 join and 2 leave messages
    Code (Text):

    color: aqua
    command: "/kick %PLAYER%"
    type: join
    color: red
    command: "/ban %PLAYER%"
    type: join
    color: dark_red
    command: "/ban-ip %PLAYER%"
    type: join
    color: green
    command: "/pardon %PLAYER%"
    type: leave
    color: dark_green
    command: "/pardon-ip %PLAYER%"
    type: leave

    ... the "%PLAYER%" part of command will be replaced by the actual name of the player the command is executed for

  • chatKickAfterIpBan
    when set to "true", anytime the "ban-ip" or "banip" command is used, all players on the server will be checked for their IP and kicked out of the server if their IP matches the currently banned one. Set to "false" to disable this functionality.

  • banIpCommands
    a list of commands on the server used to IP-ban a player. This is, so AdminAnything know when to kick IP-banned players out of the server when the chatKickAfterIpBan feature is enabled.
    default values are the obvious suspects:
    Code (Text):

    - banip
    - ban-ip
  • pluginsWithFullWriteAccessViaAPI
    when enabled (via features.apifullaccess.enabled), other plugins that you allow in this config section will have the ability to alter AdminAnything's fixed, muted, disabled... commands lists completely. Use with care and only when strictly necessary. Always consider what this can cause to the stability of AdminAnything and subsequently your server if a plugin's author asks you to add their plugin into this list.

  • debugMode
    when turned on, debug information is outputted from some parts of AdminAnything. Turning this on is only relevant when AdminAnything's author asks you to do so to help them fix a bug you may be having. Defaults to false.

  • lang
    language identifier for the language file located in plugins/AdminAnything/languages. A file has to start on this identifier (for example en-gb-1.7.2.properties) in order for this file to be included in AdminAnything as a translation. You can use your own files to create your own translations. If you feel you can contribute them back, don't be shy to post them in the forum :)
    Defaults to "en-gb".

Advanced use of AdminAnything commands

  • show all available filters for /aa_listcommands
    /aa_listcommands ?

  • list commands for a specific plugin only
    /aa_listcommands plugin:Essentials

  • list commands only for multiple specific plugins
    /aa_listcommands plugin:Essentials,mcMMO

  • exclude specific plugins from commands listing
    /aa_listcommands plugin:-Essentials,-mcMMO

  • list a group of specific commands that start/end with a specific text
    /aa_listcommands command:ban* - will list "ban", "ban-ip", "bank"
    /aa_listcommands command:*ban - will list "ban", "unban", "tempban"
    /aa_listcommands command:*ban* - will list "ban", "unban", "tempban", "ban-ip", "bank"

  • search through commands and their descriptions
    /aa_listcommands search://paste
    /aa_listcommands search:"some more words"

  • include aliases in commands listing
    /aa_listcommands aliases:yes

  • include permissions in commands listing
    /aa_listcommands permissions:yes

  • hide permission descriptions from commands listing
    /aa_listcommands permissiondescriptions:no

  • hide descriptions from commands listing
    /aa_listcommands description:no

  • show command usage in the listing
    /aa_listcommands usage:yes

  • go to page X in the commands listing
    /aa_listcommands 3
    /aa_listcommands page:3

  • disable / re-enable multiple commands at once
    /aa_disablecommand ban clear heal
    /aa_enablecommand ban clear heal

  • unfix multiple commands at once
    /aa_unfixcommand ban clear heal

  • filter through player permissions
    /aa_playerperms player1 fly - will bring up all permission nodes for player1 with the text "fly" contained in them

  • mute a sub-command
    /aa_mutecommand "say hello" - will mute "/say hello" and also "/say hello mum", "/say hello dolly" and anything else that follows the "/say hello" part of the sub command

  • add redirect to a command with parameters
    /aa_addredirect "help me" "say I could really use some help. Is an admin around?" - this will redirect "/help me" command to "/say I could really use some help. Is an admin around?" but will leave all other help commands (such as "/help", "/help tp" ...) intact

JavaDoc Documentation (for plugin developers)



BitCoin / LiteCoin accepted


AdminAnything is virtual, so why not pay for it with virtual currency

- 0.28 LTC (LiteCoin) to LdNWHrRjy2UzMuCyuE1sDutadmRV7Vdvti
- 0.0038 BTC
(BitCoin) to 1KbcJu2T5wdH9sguqfCiUDYeW4juRBSzFq

... and drop a note on our Forum to get your copy even cheaper!

Found a Bug?
Please use the following Bug Tracker: https://bitbucket.org/zathruswriter/adminanything/issues?status=new&status=open
Also, please include:
  • error log from console, if any (most helpful, very hard to find the cause of the error otherwise)
  • Spigot version (exact version can be displayed by using the /version command)
  • Java version (if known)
  • what steps did you take for the error to appear (so it's easier to replicate for me)

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Is this compatible with Spigot version XY?
    AdminAnything is being tested in Spigot / CraftBukkit starting version 1.2.5 and all the way up to the latest release. You can therefore consider it compatible with any stable-enough released version of Spigot, PaperSpigot and CraftBukkit in these versions.

    Important PaperSpigot note: please run your server directly rather than using "paperclip.jar", as this will prevent AA from working correctly on some Java implementations. There is a file called "patched_[server-version].jar" located in a "cache" directory which is created via paperclip.jar... that's the actual PaperSpigot server and if you run it directly (java -jar patched_1.9.jar), all will work as expected.

  • I can't see permissions for some of the commands on my server.
    Because very few popular plugins actually do list their permission nodes for each command in the plugin.yml file, there is no place for AdminAnything to read these from. In a continued effort, I'm manually creating database of permissions and their descriptions from websites of popular plug-ins and using those to show you this information. If you're missing permission information from a plug-in, or find some information incorrect please let me know in the discussion section and I will include/fix this in the next plugin update.

  • I used PlugMan / some other plugin manager to load a plug-in dynamically but AdminAnything is not listing it.
    In such case, please use the /aa_reload command to reload AdminAnything, which will also clear any internal caches and thus reload list of currently active plugins on the server.

  • What's /aa_ignorecommand for?
    Plugins that already do what you want them to do (for example override Essentials' ping command by their own) would normally display in list of conflicting command when you run /aa_checkcommandconflicts. If, however these commands already do what you need, you can add them to a list of ignored commands and AdminAnything will not list them as conflicting anymore.

  • What about Bukkit's own commands override system?
    There is a working override system where you can define overrides in a similar manner to AdminAnything and even create your own commands. This has been in CraftBukkit for a while now and works well in certain cases but fails to work completely in others.
    For example, that system will not work for plugins that register their commands dynamically and do not use plugin.yml files. As a result, you can't use this system to redirect commands and make aliases pointing to WorldEdit, WorldGuard and many more plugins that register their commands on-the-fly.
    You can learn more about how this system works by using this Wiki link.

  • Can't Skript do all this?
    You can certainly do what AdminAnything does in more than one way. Bukkit's commands override is one of them (although has limited capabilities). Skript is a programming engine in which you can code what AdminAnything does to a point. You can, for example never mute commands via Skript as you can do with AdminAnything. Furthermore, you will need to learn another "programming language" in which you would need to basically write the whole AdminAnything logic again yourself. Also, it's worth noting that Skript is a plugin itself which means it's an interpreter for its own scripts - and as such it's bound to be much slower and less optimized than most methods in AdminAnything.
    To conclude, coding AdminAnything in Skript is not impossible (apart for some of the functionality), but it does have its drawbacks.
    (I would like to thank @LimeGlass for pointing me to Skript and Bukkit's commands override system.)

This plugin utilizes BStats metrics system. Various server information is collected and sent to bstats.org unless opted out. Opting out of this service can be done by changing the value of enabled from true to false in file Plugins/bStats/config.yml.

When the mute command is run for the first time, AdminAnything will download Javassist library into your server's /lib folder from the following URL: https://github.com/jboss-javassist/javassist/releases/download/rel_3_20_0_ga/javassist.jar
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