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This plugin has only one function: eliminate the lag caused by the WorldEdit! This is done by hooking into WorldEdit inners classes and replacing some of them with specially prepared classes. All WorldEdit operations are divided into two stages: preparation and block placing. The preparation phase is done in async thread and calculates the list of blocks that need to be changed. All the block placing in stage two is done in packages. The package size and how often the blocks are drawn are configurable in the config. AsyncWorldEdit is not a reimplementation of WorldEdit! It attaches the original WorldEdit API and WorldEdit classes and tries to fix the lags. There fore you have access to all the WorldEdit operations, and all those operations work exactly like in the original WorldEdit. So basically you get the same commands, same permissions and the same experience. In addition to that if WorldEdit team releases a new feature, fixes a bug all you need to do is update WorldEdit and AWE will do its job as usual.

The premium version
Starting from the 1'st of January 2018 the AsyncWorldEdit Premium and the free versions are again one software. All the changes and features added to the premium are now available for everyone.

Ok so where's the cache? First and most important, you won't receive support for the free version. Basically your on your own. All the updates to the premium version will eventually be added to the free version (it might be days it might be weeks) after the premium release. First the changes will be available as source code. The JAR release for the free version might be released might not. It might skip some versions, it might be released the same day as the premium, it might be released after couple of weeks. The source code will be provided without compilation instructions and without DRM modules.

So what do I get when I buy the premium version? First thin, and most important, you will get support (starting from simple trouble shooting to help in working with the source code). Secondly you won't need to build the jar file by yourself, you will get a pre-build jar file. WARNING: You can download a jar file of the plugin only from the Premium download page, if you got it from other source it is an illegal copy (providing downloads for the jar breaks the license).
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