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New in PlayerVaultsX
  • Latest releases work on 1.16.
  • NBT support. This adds support for all special items such as crate keys, etc.
  • Convert from old Playervaults version to this automatically.
  • Fix issue from previous Playervaults with vaults breaking / players losing items.
  • Soon to come database support.
  • Dupe fixes such as this
  • Quick support to fix any critical issues (ping me in discord and I'll stay up until 3am again to patch if necessary!).
Why Premium?
  • More consistent updates.
  • On top of dupe fixes as soon as they are accurately reported.
  • NBT support.
Coming from PlayerVaults?

  • Backup your PlayerVaults plugin folder to be safe.
  • Install the PlayerVaultsX.jar. Make sure to delete the old PlayerVaults.jar. Do both of these while the server is off!
  • Do not use plugman to load this plugin for the first time! It will break the conversion.
  • When your server starts for the first time with PlayerVaultsX, it will migrate your files from plugins/PlayerVaults/uuidvaults/ to plugins/PlayerVaults/base64vaults/ automatically. Watch console logs to see progress.
  • It will also fix any files that got saved incorrectly by the previous release of PlayerVaults.
  • It will not delete any of your old files, even after a successful migration. That is up to you when you feel comfortable deleting old files
  • Configurable amount of allowed vaults and size of vaults.
  • Unlimited vaults.
  • Admins can see all vaults.
  • Admins can delete vaults.
  • Open / delete offline vaults.
  • Saves enchantments and books!
  • Drag and drop install!
  • Should work on any Minecraft version.
/pv # - Open up that chest.
/pv <player> - Lists vaults that player has.
/pv <player> <#> - Open up that player's vault.
Aliases: /pv, /chest, /playervaults, /vault
/pvdel <#> - Delete your vault.
/pvdel <player> <#> - Delete that player's vault.
/pvsign <#> - Bind a sign to open vault.
/pvsign <player> <#> - Bind a sign to open a certain player's vault.
/pvreload - Reloads config and lang files.
/pvconvert <all -or- plugin name> - Convert other plugins to playervaults. Currently only supports backpack.

playervaults.* - Have max amount of vaults and admin. Default: op
playervaults.amount.# - Amount of vaults you want a player to have.
playervaults.size.# - Number of rows for a player's vaults to have (1-6). Default: 6
playervaults.admin - Be able to open up and delete any chest.
playervaults.delete - Delete other player's vaults. Default: op
playervaults.signs.use - Use a PlayerVaults sign.
playervaults.signs.set - Create a PlayerVaults sign.
playervaults.signs.bypass - Allows users to open via signs without the correct command permission.
playervaults.notify - Get notified on login if there is an available update.
playervaults.commands.use - Open vaults with commands. Defaults to true
To remove the ability to open vaults with commands while leaving signs as an option, you will need to negate the playervaults.commands.use permission.
playervaults.bypassblockeditems - Grants access to bypass blocked vault items.

Use discord and the github issue tracker. Do not private message me or post on the thread for support, it will be ignored.
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