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LevelledMobs ~ (for 1.16.x - 1.17.x)

INJECTED LevelledMobs ~ (for 1.16.x - 1.17.x) 2021-09-03

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Welcome to LevelledMobs 3
Developed by @lokka30, @stumper66, and @Oathkeeper
Thank you for 40,000 downloads!

❗ Important information, please read:
Before we get into the features and all, we need to include this here just to make sure more users see it.

  • How do I install the plugin?
  • What versions does LM run on?
    • LevelledMobs is only compatible with servers that operate with Minecraft 1.16.x or (preferably) newer.
    • We utilise features only available in newer Minecraft versions, so we will not backport the plugin.
  • What is the minimum compatible Java version?
    • If you're running a 1.17 server, you are running Java 16 or newer so you can ignore this

    • Servers must be running at least Java 11 to even allow the plugin to start up. Update to Java 11, or preferably, the latest version compatible with your server. Please contact us if you are unsure how to do this.
  • Want LevelledMobs' nametags to appear?
    • You must install ProtocolLib if you want levelled mob labels / nametags to show like in the screenshots below.
    • You can download ProtocolLib here.
    • ProtocolLib doesn't require configuration, just drop it into your plugins folder
  • Where you can contact us for support:
    • We only provide support on our Discord Server or through a PM to me.
    • We recommend you check the FAQ page before you contact us, as it answers the most common questions we get.
    • Do not use the reviews section for support, these are for reviews only - reviews asking questions or reporting things will be ignored as our support can't have conversations in the reviews section.

Quick Links:

  • Parallel version development
    • @stumper66 is working on LevelledMobs 3 updates.
    • @lokka30 is re-programming the plugin from the ground up, which will eventually be released as LevelledMobs 4. If you want to learn more about this update, please contact @lokka30.
    • Our roadmap is on the Projects tab in the LM GitHub repository. This changes over time especially with LM 4 being developed.

Ever felt that Vanilla mobs were too easy?
Give your players a challenge that embarrasses Minecraft's boring "hard" mode. Or maybe, you might want to make your server more interesting by adding more of an RPG feel. Well, search no further, as LevelledMobs is the plugin you have been looking for!

How does it work?
LevelledMobs assigns levels to mobs that spawn on your server.

We have various Levelling Systems which have different formulas that you can choose that determine what level mobs have:
  • Weighted Random Levelling (used by default) generates random numbers for mob levels although makes higher values less common.
  • Player Levelling generates levels for nearby mobs based upon any PlaceholderAPI placeholder for all players that are near monsters. This means you can use the McMMO power level of a player, their Aurelium Skills level, playtime, and far, far more!
  • Distance from Spawn Levelling generates values based on the mob's spawning position relative to the spawnpoint. The farther from the spawnpoint the mob is, the higher the level.
  • Y-Coordinate Levelling generates values based on the mob's Y-coordinate when they spawn. You can make it so any mob that is deeper than the sea level will be a higher level, bringing extra difficulty to cave dwellers.
  • Blended Levelling is a combination of Distance from Spawn and Y-Coordinate Levelling, making mobs harder the farther from spawn and the deeper you go.

These levels determine their movement speed, attack strength, maximum health, item drops, and experience drops. Creepers in specific also have an explosion radius which is slightly increased at the higher levels.

Of course, pretty much everything is configurable, and the plugin's capability goes far beyond this!

LM works great out-of-the-box, making zero configuration required to have a blast. The default configs are play-tested, and even includes 3 difficulty presets (easy, normal, hard) in case your users are not pleased with the 'normal' difficulty (based on Minecraft's 'hard' difficulty).

Give LevelledMobs a whirl on your server and advance your players' experience today!


Why choose LevelledMobs?
  • Level-up your mobs to make them more difficult, providing your players with a significantly improved experience!
  • New in LevelledMobs 3.0: 'Rules System' which allows you to customise LevelledMobs to an extensive degree so that it operates on mobs differently depending on conditions or whatever else you configure it to!
  • New in LevelledMobs 3.1: 'Player Levelling' system, allowing you to use any PlaceholderAPI placeholders to level mobs based upon nearby players! Yes, this means you can make mobs change level depending on players' MCMMO levels, Aurelium Skills level, money on your server, exp level, and so much more!
  • Not bloated. We avoid adding features unless we know a significant amount of servers will utilize them. The features you disable won't cause extra strain in the background.
  • Open-source under the GNU AGPL v3 license. This means bugs are found easier and contributions can be made by other developers if they wish.
  • It doesn't mess with the frequency of mob spawns on your server. LM acts on mobs as they spawn, e.g. in the wild, from spawn eggs, spawner blocks, and so on.
  • LevelledMobs is built to perform reliably and to be a breeze to run on light hardware. Parts of the plugin have been programmed to operate on a separate CPU thread which equates to LM having a very low footprint on your TPS.
  • Powerful configuration files that are completed with lots of documentation on our Wiki to guide you on what to do and what a setting does
  • Multiple levelling modes - spice up the math LM uses to calculate levels with random-number levelling, distance from spawn levelling, Y-coordinate levelling and more!
  • Define your own custom drops and equipment for levelled mobs!
  • Uses Minecraft's in-built Attributes system where possible, instead of events (unlike some similar plugins) to ensure greater compatibility, reliability and performance of the plugin.
  • Uses the Persistent Data Container NBT system to store levels on entities, allowing them to stay over restarts and have far better performance than alternative solutions.
  • Awesome name tags are shown if ProtocolLib is installed - improves the RPG feel - you can disable this if you want.
  • New health indicator system in the name tags that you can use at your choice!
    Spoiler: Media
  • Allows limitations using WorldGuard flags, if WG is installed.
  • Almost all chat messages are fully customisable with standard color codes, hex color codes, prefix placeholders and multi-line support. RGB hex color codes also work!
  • Automatic configuration file migration between plugin updates!
  • Strives to be compatible with other plugins
  • Level Interface code class and various Bukkit Events for developers to make it easy for other plugins to interact with LevelledMobs.
  • Free, thorough high-tier support from our Support Team.
  • ..and many other features: there are far too many to list here!

Video Showcases
No newer videos are out yet! I'm thinking of making my own in the future.
Spoiler: Old Showcases

Made a video showcase of your own? Got gameplay videos with LevelledMobs installed? Send me a PM if you would like it featured here.

To experience LevelledMobs, you'll need to be in-game. However, below you may check out how the nametags look!

Spoiler: Screenshots

Check out these plugins that have integrated with LevelledMobs!
(If your plugin uses LevelledMobs in some form like these do, let me know if you want it linked here too)

LevelledMobs is developed, maintained, and supported in the team's free time.
The price you are required to pay for this? Free! Absolutely free for everyone.
We would greatly appreciate any donations if your server is strongly benefiting from LevelledMobs as we do not earn money from this project.
@stumper66 links:
@lokka30 links:
If you have donated then you may contact us via a Ticket chat on our Discord to be eligible to receive a Discord role and/or announcement (of your choice) as we are grateful for your donations.

Other Links:

‍Have questions, issues or suggestions for the plugin?
  • Click here to join the Discord server to contact the LevelledMobs team.
  • Alternatively, you may send me a private message.
  • Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Reviews that request assistance will be ignored! Please use the appropriate support methods as stated above, as we will happily help you out there. It's practically impossible to help & answer questions in the reviews section.
  • Thank you for your understanding!
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