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MineChess | Minigame [1.8-1.17]

INJECTED MineChess | Minigame [1.8-1.17] 2021-09-03

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What is MineChess?
MineChess is nothing more than Chess game recreated in Minecraft, you can play with friends, create multiples arenas and test your logic.

The first player to put the oponent's king in check is the winner of the game. If time runs out and both kings are alive, the player with the most points will win.


If you don't know how to play check the wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess
Requirements and Dependencies:
- SPIGOT (not craftbukkit)
- HolographicDisplays (optional): https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/holographic-displays
- PlaceholderAPI (optional, for the scoreboard)
If you want to help me maintain this project alive, I would be grateful if you donate and support my work


- ✓ All Chess Movements including Castling, Pawn Promotion and En Passant.
- ✓ Configurable messages, arena times, sounds, points, winners rewards.
- ✓ Particles for movement and selection.
- Check and Checkmate
- Only allowed movements will be possible to made. Players will not be able to put their king in check.
- Holograms for pieces.
- Spectator Mode.
- ✓ PlaceholderAPI support for Scoreboard.
- PlaceholderAPI variables.
- Player Stats.
- MySQL support
- ✓ Time limit for each turn
- API.
- ✓ Multiple arenas.
- ✓ Per Arena Chat.
- ✓ Works in 1.8+.


Before creating an arena it's important to set the Main Lobby using /chess setmainlobby

To create a Chess Arena just follow these steps.
1) Use the /chess create <arena> command.
2) To build the chess board use the /chess build <arena> command. Be careful because this will place the board next to you, replacing all blocks sorrounding you. That's why you need to build the arena before decorating it.
3) Set the arena spawn by using /chess setspawn <arena>. You can place the spawn in the air since the players will have access to fly during the game.
4) Use the /chess enable <arena> command to allow players to join the arena.
5) Finally, you can create a Sign to join the arena. Just use the following format:


The plugin has just 1 file where you can modify some properties including the translation of the messages.
Spoiler: config.yml
#Time of each phases of the game in seconds.
arena_starting_cooldown: 10
arena_ending_phase_cooldown: 10
arena_time: 1200

#Option to show holograms above pieces. Requires Holographic Displays: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/holographic-displays
piece_holograms_enabled: true

#If you enable this option, players will be teleported back to their previous locations when they leave an arena (instead of the main lobby).
teleport_last_location: false

#This option determines the max distance in blocks to select chess pieces.
click_distance: 15

#If you want players to have a defined amount of time to move a piece, you need to enable this option. If enabled, you will have to select 2 actions: "move" or "pass".
"move": If the player doesn't move a piece, at the end of his turn a random piece will be moved.
"pass": If the player doesn't move a piece, at the end of his turn he will pass automatically.
enabled: true
time: 60
action_when_time_runs_out: move

#Items of the game. You need to use valid Material names.
#Use this link for lastest versions of Minecraft (1.13+): https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/Material.html
#Use this link for 1.8-1.12: https://www.minecraftinfo.com/idlist.htm
leave_item_enabled: true
name: "&7[&c&lLeave&7]"
- "&7Right Click to leave the game."
item: NAME_TAG
name: "&7[&a&lSelect and Move&7]"
- "&eLeft Click &7to select a piece."
- "&eRight Click &7to move a selected piece."

#These commands will be enabled when playing.
- "/chess leave"
- "/help"
#Different action sounds that you can modify. You need to you a valid sound name.
#Use this link for 1.13+: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Sound.html
#Use this link for 1.8: https://github.com/Attano/Spigot-1.8/blob/master/org/bukkit/Sound.java
#Use the format "Sound;volume;pitch"
soundCapturePiece: "BLOCK_NOTE_BLOCK_PLING;10;2"
soundLosePiece: "BLOCK_NOTE_BLOCK_PLING;10;0.1"
soundMovePiece: "BLOCK_STONE_STEP;10;1"
soundCastling: "BLOCK_PISTON_EXTEND;10;1.5"
soundSelectPiece: "UI_BUTTON_CLICK;10;1"
soundPromotion: "ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP;10;2"

#Capturing pieces will give you points, here you can define the amount of points each piece gives.
pointsPawn: 1
pointsRook: 3
pointsKnight: 3
pointsBishop: 3
pointsQueen: 10
pointsKing: 20

#Commands to be executed to the winners/losers of a game.
#You can use the %random% variable to generate a random number, using the final points of the player, just follow this format:
min and max values could be a formula. You can use the 'points' variable in this formula.
- "msg %player% &aHere, take a reward!"
- "eco give %player% %random_5*points-10*points%"
- "msg %player% &aYou've lost! Here, take this compensation reward."
- "eco give %player% %random_2*points-3*points%"

#Rewards will only be given if the duration of the game is superior to this number.
minimum_time_for_rewards: 240

#If this option is set to true, players will receive the rewards when they are teleported back to the lobby. This allows you to give Item rewards, but if the user leaves the game when the arena is finishing, he won't receive any reward. If the option is set to false, players will receive the rewards inside the arena, just right after finishing the game.
rewards_executed_after_teleport: true

Spanish by @NayZion [Click here]

English by Serverminer:

Turkish by @IRFANDUMAN

German by @KeniiY

Spanish by @Maximiliano

Spanish by me:

PlaceholderAPI/MineChess Variables
You can use these MineChess variables in any other plugin with PlaceholderAPI support.

Spoiler: API

-/chess create <arena> Creates a new arena.
-/chess delete <arena> Deletes an arena.
-/chess join <arena> Joins an arena.
-/chess joinrandom <arena> Joins a random arena.
-/chess leave Leaves from the arena.
-/chess spectate <arena>/<player> Spectates an arena or player.
-/chess setmainlobby Defines the minigame main lobby.
-/chess enable <arena> Enables an arena.
-/chess disable <arena> Disables an arena.
-/chess build <arena> Builds the arena in your current position.
-/chess setspawn <arena> Sets the arena spawn.
-/chess stats <player> Shows you player stats.
-/chess reload Reloads the configuration files.


- chess.admin (Access to all commands)
- chess.stats (Access to /chess stats command)
- chess.stats.others (Access to /chess stats <player> command)


Spoiler: Screenshots

I hope you enjoy the plugin, I am not a professional in Chess, in fact I haven't play since many years, so it is possible you may find bugs or errors. If that is the case, contact me in the discussion of the plugin or via private message before giving a bad review!

If you have any suggestion for the plugin, ask me in the discussion of the plugin
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