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PlayerKits | Fully Configurable KITS! [1.8-1.17]

INJECTED PlayerKits | Fully Configurable KITS! [1.8-1.17] 2021-09-04

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What can I do with PlayerKits?

This plugin allows you to create a variety of kits and put them on a GUI Inventory. Using /kit players will be able to claim these kits if they have the correct permission. Kits can also have a cooldown, so users can't claim them everytime.

What makes PlayerKits special is its easy way to create kits, just having the items on your inventory and executing a command. You can edit kits properties by using /kit edit command. Also, almost all item attributes will be stored in the kit, so they are given correctly.

If you want to help me maintain this project alive, I would be grateful if you donate and support my work


- ✓ GUI Inventory to claim Kits.
- Command to claim Kits.
- ✓ Configurable display item in GUI:

  • Item, name, lore.
  • Different item when player doesn't have permission.
  • Different item when player hasn't buyed the kit.
  • Different lore when kit is in cooldown.
- ✓ Cooldown for kits.
- ✓ Permissions for kits.
-Price for kits.
- One Time Buy kits
- ✓ Execute commands when giving a kit.
- Customizable Kit Preview.
- Pages System.
- Edit Kits from Game.
- ✓ First join kit.
- One time use kit.
- 1.16 HEX Color support for kit items.
- Auto Armor Equip.
- Auto Offhand item Equip.
- Configurable GUI.
- MySQL support for player data.
- ✓ Kits will save Item Attributes.

  • Name, Lore.
  • %player% variable in name and lore.
  • PlaceholderAPI static variables in name and lore.
  • Enchantments.
  • Potion Effects.
  • Leather Armor Color.
  • Book Enchantments.
  • Written Books.
  • Fireworks Attributes.
  • Banner, Shields Attributes.
  • Skull Textures.
  • Item Flags.
  • Unbreakable Tag.
  • Attributes Modifiers.
  • NBT Tags.
- ✓ Works in 1.8+.
- ✓ Messages translation.


To create a new kit you just need to have some items on your inventory and then execute the command /kit create <name>. To claim the kit you have two options:
1) Use the /kit command and click on the kit item inside the GUI.
2) Use the /kit claim <name> command.

Now you can edit all the kit properties in the kits.yml file.
Spoiler: kits.yml Tutorial

You can also edit the kit directly from Minecraft without touching the config, using the /kit edit <kit> command.

Spoiler: config.yml Tutorial
Spoiler: Translations
Spoiler: Videos

The plugin has the %playerkits_cooldown_<kit>% PlaceholderAPI variable which allows to show current cooldown of kit to the player.


- /kit Open the Kits GUI.
- /kit open <player> <page> Opens the Kits GUI to a player.
- /kit create <kit> Creates a new kit.
- /kit delete <kit> Removes a created kit.
- /kit list Shows all kits.
- /kit claim <kit> Claims a kit.
- /kit preview <kit> Previews a kit.
- /kit edit <kit> Edits a kit.
- /kit give <kit> <player> Gives a kit to the player.
- /kit reset <kit> <player> Resets a kit data from the player.
- /kit reload Reloads the config.
(alias: /kits)

- playerkits.admin Access to all commands.
- playerkits.bypasscooldown Allows to ignore kit cooldowns.
- playerkits.list Access to /kit list command.


Spoiler: Screenshots

Please avoid posting bad ratings before asking. If you have problems or bugs with the plugin contact with me or post on the plugin discussion and I will take a look at it. Enjoy the plugin
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