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INJECTED ⚔EliteMobs⚔ 2021-09-04

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The #0 Boss plugin!
Discord | Wiki | Patreon | Itch.io

Old trailer was outdated, here's the latest update video!
Main Features (100% optional and configurable!):

  • Minidungeons & Lairs! Challenge incredible minidungeons & lairs! You can make your own or download them on Discord (free) and Patreon (premium)!
  • One-click dungeon installation! Instantly install and uninstall content!
  • Insane loot! Loot procedurally generated loot or custom loot with custom enchantments and potion effects!
  • Elite Mobs! Fight against all types of procedurally generated Elite Mob Bosses with unique powers, loot and combat mechanics!
  • Custom Bosses! Easy to setup, highly customizable!
  • World bosses! Get your whole server to fight big bosses who respawn on a cooldown!
  • Custom Events! Create your own events at any time you want!
  • Arenas! (Currently under development!)
  • Gear-based progression system! Bosses spawn based on what you are wearing and drop items better than what you have. Do the math!
  • Addictive events! Face random events that randomly occur during gameplay!
  • Immersive NPCs! You can use NPCs instead of commands to interact with the plugin!
  • Super Mobs! Stack animals to reduce server lag!
  • Highly customizable! I lost track of how many options there are, send help
  • Fully translatable! If you can read it in-game, you can translate it! And if I forgot to add it, you can report it and I'll fix it right away!
  • Super easy to install! No other plugins required!
  • Dynamic Quests! I can do it too Bethesda!
  • Advanced item systems! Upgrade, modify and repair your elite items!
  • 24/7 support! I'm on discord 100% of the time, 90% of the time!

Spoiler: View more power previews
You can view details on all powers at this wiki page!
Additional downloads:

Note: premium dungeons are also on Patreon!
Click here for every free & premium download with more info!

Spoiler: Map trailers!

Loot examples:

How to setup:

4-step text version on setup guide
Permissions and commands:
: EliteMobs already comes with the recommended permissions set up, no need to change anything!
Full list: https://github.com/MagmaGuy/EliteMobs/wiki/Permissions-and-commands

You can find the translations for the plugin here! Feel free to download and / or contribute!

Third Party plugin compatibility:
EliteMobs can optionally paired with the following plugins:

- LibsDisguises - for disguising bosses as any other entity, including player skins
- DiscordSRV - for posting Discord announcements about special bosses spawning and getting killed
- WorldGuard - for setting up EliteMobs flags to define custom behavior for certain regions
- PlaceholderAPI - for setting up placeholders to display EliteMobs info on leaderboards / chat / tabs
- Vault - for linking the economy (not recommended)

Old Minecraft versions:
Check version history. Note that support is only possible for the latest release!
Please note that the itch.io pages list the required EliteMobs and Minecraft versions in order to run specific maps!

API & more detailed info:

EliteMobs uses BStats to collect statistics on plugin use. The statistics you can see on the BStats page are exactly the same as the ones that I can see - they're all anonymous. This data is used to make decisions regarding which Minecraft versions are supported by EliteMobs, as well as which features get more development time.


Partner servers:
Check out the official EliteMobs server over at elitesurvival.matecraft.org ! It's the best place if you want to see EliteMobs the way I envision it while developing!

Special Thanks:

Spoiler: Special Thanks:
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