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INJECTED Tablisknu 2021-09-05

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Tablisknu is a Skript addon providing a variety of interesting features, such as:
  • Tablist manipulation, with the ability to modify all aspects of the tabs shown in tablist, show/hide those tabs at will, add new tabs known as simple tabs, and modify the tablist in an x,y coordinate style known as the array tablist
  • Skin modification, allowing you to change player's skins to be different for different players looking at them, with skins being not only skins of other players but also skins from external websites and even locally created images
  • Nametag modification, meaning modifying the name displayed above a player's head
  • Player heads, namely creating them with the skin of your choice and modifying them
Tablisknu requires Bukkit/Spigot 1.13+ and ProtocolLib 4.4.0+.

Tablisknu is one of the addons resulting from the splitting up of MundoSK. If you are running MundoSK on 1.13 for tablist/skin features, I highly recommend switching to Tablisknu as it will continue to be updated with new features and bug fixes, while MundoSK does not support 1.13.

A tutorial for Tablisknu's tablist features is now available on Skript Hub!

For more info about Tablisknu, check out its website! Also, consider joining the Skript Chat Discord Server to discuss Tablisknu and other Skript addons in dedicated channels.

If you find bugs or have certain feature requests, I highly recommend you create an issue on GitHub, as that will ensure that I can address your concern instead of it being buried by other posts/messages.
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