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INJECTED skUtilities 2021-09-05

No permission to download
If you have any suggestions for this addon or need support you can contact me on Skript Chat Discord:
https://discord.gg/V4qFVnh (Different from skUnity's Discord)

Disclaimer: This addon can damage your server if used wrong or used in malicious manner, Double checking code is Advised, I take no responsibility for any damage caused, I've tried to make this addon as powerful and non-restrictive as possible! (File and Executing side)

About skUtilities:

Converts Various things in to other things, tons of file Support and utilities loads more to come!

You can disable parts of this addon in the config.

Thanks to @Sashie for helping me understand the basics at the start

I have no plans to add any Plugin hooks, or any Minecraft content.

This addon isn't Minecraft Version dependant!
Spoiler: Included features...

Download | Documentation | Issues | Metrics | Github | My Content

To see Errors in game you need the permission: skUtilities.error (Added in: v0.3.5)

You can see if a update has been downloaded or is available to download with the permission: skUtilities.update (Added in: v0.6.9)
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