PetBlocks [MySQL|BungeeCord|Customizeable GUI|1.8-1.17] 8.27.1

INJECTED PetBlocks [MySQL|BungeeCord|Customizeable GUI|1.8-1.17] 8.27.1 2021-09-11

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What's PetBlocks?

PetBlocks is a spigot and also a sponge plugin to use blocks and custom heads as pets in Minecraft.

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  • Screenshots
  • Videos
  • Resource Packs
  • Installation
  • Commands
  • Permissions
  • Configuration
  • FAQ
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Pet Features
  • Adds a new pet to every player
  • Simple GUI navigation to customize your pet
  • Use blocks or custom heads as skins for your pet
  • Use ais to change the behaviour of your pet
  • Add a particle effect to your pet
  • Support for custom models
  • Rename your pet
  • ... and a lot more
Config Features
  • GUI is completely customizeable
    • Toggle items
    • Change item position
    • Change item id
    • Change item skin
    • Change item name
    • Change item lore
  • Add new skins (supports skin-urls)
  • Customize pets with ais
  • Add new particles
  • Supports MySQL
  • Supports cross server pets
  • ... and a lot more


Download PetBlx - resource pack - version 1.0

[Optional, not required]
With this resource pack you can modify the blockmodel of your pets. Special thanks to NullBlox.

Happy Modding!
~ NullBlox

Info: You will find a "howtosetup.yml" within the pack.


  • Download the plugin PetBlocks
  • Put the plugin into your plugin folder
  • Read the "Getting Started section"
  • Start the server (Spigot 1.8 - 1.17, Java 8 - Java Latest)
  • Join and play by typing /petblock

/petblock - Opens the PetBlock GUI
/petblock toggle - Activate or deactivate your pet
/petblock call - Teleports the pet to your player
/petblock rename <name> - Changes the name of the pet
/petblock skin <name> - Changes the skin of the pet

/petblocks - Administration commands

/petblockreload - Reloads config.yml


  • Customize your GUI
  • Change sounds/behaviour
  • Change messages
  • Customize skins and particles
  • MySQL Configuration
  • Like
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