Anti-AutoClicker - [1.8.x-1.17.x] 2.9

INJECTED Anti-AutoClicker - [1.8.x-1.17.x] 2.9 2021-09-11

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The plugin is designed to prevent / avoid Auto Clicker on the server where it is installed.

  • an easy to understand, fully commented config.yml.
  • changeable plugin messages in the messages.yml
  • penalties for detected Auto-Clicker users (& visual effects + chat messages)
  • log system which automatically deletes the log files
  • developer api
  • see number of clicks from other players
  • open-source
  • lag-safe because of tps- and ping-checker
How to install :
  • Download the plugin
  • Go to your "plugins" folder
  • Drag the plugin in
  • reload (restart recommended) the server

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The main command is /antiac.

  • /antiac notify on/off
  • /antiac check <player>
  • /antiac version
  • /antiac reload
  • /antiac logs
  • /antiac profile <player>
  • /antiac checkupdate
The plugin counts left and right clicks in the air and right clicks on blocks. Left-clicking on blocks leads to incorrect entries
There are also a few more checks in the plugin and there also will be come some new.

Spoiler: Ingame
antiac check.png

chat message.png

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