TAB [1.5.x - 1.17.1] PREMIUM 2.9.2

INJECTED TAB [1.5.x - 1.17.1] PREMIUM 2.9.2 2021-09-12

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Supported MC Versions:1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17Req. Server Software:Bukkit / Bungeecord

This page will only focus on additional features of premium version.



All of these can be configured in the newly created premiumconfig.yml. Simply replace your current tab jar with this one.

#1 - Scoreboard

Offering the most requested feature - scoreboard.
  • Display up to 15 lines
  • Per-world scoreboards support
  • Option to show 0 value in every line instead of 1-15
  • Animations support
  • RGB Support
  • Displaying disfferent scoreboards based on conditions
  • 30 characters per line for <1.13, unlimited for 1.13+ clients
  • Customizable toggle command

#2 - More sorting options

Spoiler: More examples
  • Sorting by a numeric placeholder (such as levels, as seen on screenshot) from lowest to highest or highest to lowest
  • Alphabetically by a placeholder (a-z or z-a)
  • Combination of multiple - groups as primary system and placeholder as secondary (such as 2nd screenshot - sorting by group and players with same group by a placeholder)
  • Option to sort players as Aa-Zz instead of A-Z a-z
#3 - Unlimited nametag line count

  • Unlimited amount of configurable lines (instead of 3)
  • Option to create lines with fixed height
#4 - Placeholder output replacements
Using a vanish placeholder from PlaceholderAPI but instead of "Vanished" it just says "yes" or "no"? No place to configure it either? Now there's one!
  • Replace exact value with a different one
  • Show different output based on number interval of a numeric placeholder
  • Configurable output in case none of the conditions above are met
  • Support for nested placeholders (use another placeholder in output)

#5 - Aligned text in tablist

Spoiler: More examples

Yellow numbers only? Not anymore! Plugin will now move tabsuffix to the right making it look exactly like the feature, but without limits.

#6 - Conditional placeholders
Placeholders with output depending on other placeholders or permissions. Output configurable in both cases when condition is and is not met. Supports both AND and OR types.
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