Troll plugin (GUI, Anything is Configurable) 2.0

INJECTED Troll plugin (GUI, Anything is Configurable) 2.0 2021-09-12

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- T R O L L G U I -
The cleanest Troll GUI Plugin

After a recode of the shitty code I've had, everything works fine and looks stylish like never before!

Everything is customizable.
Values, Messages, even blocks!
Crazy right?

N O T E S:
1.13.x doesn't work due to persistent data container not being a thing.

F E A T U R E S:
Code (YAML):

- Burn Player
- Close GUI (Current Inventory)
- Drop Inventory (Drop Everything)
- Drop Item (Currently Hold Item)
- Explode Player (Size customizable!)
- Fake Block (Places Blocks Client sided)
- Fake Clear (Clears Inventory And After 10 Seconds I'll Return Them)
- Fake OP / DEOP Message
- Freeze
- Inv See
- Inv Share (Every One In The Server Can Access The Inventory)
- Launch Player
- No Break
- No Place
- Random Look
- Reverse Message
- Scare
- Thor / Thunder

A T E R N O S - U S E R S:
I know many of my downloads come from Aternos so here is an image only tutorial on "How To Change The Config":
1. Open The Jar In WinRAR

2. Locate "config.yml" and edit it:

3. Save And It Should Give This Message:

Click Yes.

4. Upload and Done!

C O N T A C T:
Discord: Ram#1337
Or Spigot DM's
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