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INJECTED [GSA] LockLogin 2021-09-24

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If you want to use MySQL or have premium mode support, check the plugin modules and their features in:
LockLogin modules

Please make sure to install correctly the module, if the module is a plugin, it goes into plugins folder, otherwise, if the module is an advanced module, it goes into plugins/LockLogin/modules

We all know plugins like AuthMe, but... they are relative exploitable, and most of them don't support BungeeCord, if they do, it's with MySQL or using a "co-plugin" that creates a bridge between BungeeCord and Spigot, well, LockLogin don't need any co-plugin, and until today, there's no exploit available to bypass his security, with a lot of secure options, like name-checker (Checks for illegal names), 2FA ( Using Google Authenticator ) and other account related features.


  • Compatible with 1.8 - 1.17
  • Email recovery system ( requires module )
  • Premium system ( BungeeCord | Not oficial | Requires module )
  • Join messages and more ( Spigot | Requires module )
  • Spigot and BungeeCord support
  • No MySQL needed for BungeeCord
  • MySQL support
  • Easy to use ( Maybe the config is a bit hard to understand )
  • No dependencies
  • Max accounts per connections & Max accounts per registered accounts
  • Illegal name checker
  • Won't cause any lag
  • Prevent players to join with an already in-game player name
  • Auto migration system (from yaml to mysql)
  • Migrate from AuthMe
  • User lookup for alt accounts finder
  • Get real-time logged users info
  • GoogleAuth 2FA
  • Pin auth
  • Lightweight
  • The best, it's totally free

Commands and permissions

If you need help with installation, click here
If you need help with config, click here
If you need help with API, click here

If you got any problem, please, report it in LockLogin community forums (fast, feel free to tag me @KarmaDev) or in our discord (fast assistance)

( German )

( Spanish )

Want to see the plugin in action?
Here's a list of servers using LockLogin

__________________ trymate.net __________________

__________________ test.locklogin.eu __________________

Even though I didn't ask, these amazing people decided to donate :heart:
  • Bastaboii
  • RxF
  • ElGuerrero
  • Katana6951
  • El_PerroSandia
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