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You find yourself marooned on an island in the sky with just a cow and a chest of strange items. Don't fall! Moo!

  • Turnkey Skyblock - just install and you're done!
  • Highly customizable!
  • Optimized for large and small server use (there should be no lag from the plugin at all)
  • GUIs for control panels, mini shop, challenges and other commands!
  • Multilingual UI
  • Fun challenges to complete and customize
  • Minishop for players to buy items
  • Customizable biome shop
  • Each player can place a Welcome Warp Sign on their island to enable other players to warp
  • Island level ranking system - based on block values
  • Supports custom starter island schematics. See here for HowTo. Or here for a video tutorial.
  • Initial chest items can be customized See here for HowTo.
  • Island Nether!
  • Based on my AcidIsland plugin - try that too if your players want another challenge!
Video tutorial for admins here! More recent one here!


Challenges GUI

Mini Shop - ASkyBlock has a customizable built-in mini shop to allow players to buy and sell items!

Settings - Players can see what settings the game has and what is protected or not protected on their island. Protection is built-in and World Guard is not required!
Set Up and Installation
Compatibility: 1.8.8 onwards however pure 1.9 does not work well due to server bugs. Use 1.8.8 or 1.9.x or better yet 1.12.x or later!

Required Plugins

Recommended Plugins
  • An economy of some kind, e.g. Essentials, etc. - if you have more than one world, run a multi-world economy like Miconomy or use MultiWorldMoney
  • Essentials Spawn, so you can set the spawn position
  • MultiverseCore - so you can manage multiple worlds
  • Some kind of shop plugin to enable players to trade
  • MultiInv to manage inventories and keep them separate between worlds or Multiverse Inventories.
  • PermissionsEx to manage groups and permissions
  • A HungerKeeper plugin like this one can stop players from regenerating hunger by suiciding.
  • Greenhouses - enables players to build biome greenhouses for biome farming!
  • Top Ten Heads - a simple top ten plugin to show player's heads
First Time Installation and Configuration
For upgrading, see the release notes for each release.
  1. Download the plugin (ASkyBlock.jar) and other plugins (Vault).
  2. Place into your plugins folder
  3. Restart your server - this will make the world and config files.
  4. Stop the server.
  5. Open the plugin/ASkyBlock folder.
  6. Open up config.yml and adjust how you like. You may also want to change other config files like blockvalues.yml and challenges.yml.
  7. Start your server again.
  8. Permissions should be set by default unless you use a permissions manager. In which case, set up permissions.
  9. Log in and type /island to start your island!
(The next steps are optional)
  1. Change Island Guard settings.
  2. Check challenges.yml and change if you like.
  3. Not use the island-style nether (see config.yml) (Remember to delete the ASkyBlock_nether world if you do so it will regenerate)
  4. Set up your spawn if you'd like to use A Skyblock spawn. Go to a location away from other islands and type /asadmin setspawn. Then create an island spawn in that location. Use /asadmin info in that area to tell you where the spawn coordinates are.
Admin Tips
Some recommendations to improve gameplay:
  • Install a trading or chest shop plugin because going from one island to another is part of the fun!
  • Consider allowing creeper explosions and Enderman griefing. Some of the best servers have this on and are hard, but fun.
  • Note: A Skyblock has island protection options, including explosion prevention.
  • Make a spawn. (Convert an island to a spawn point using /asadmin setspawn)
Have a question? Check the FAQ! No, really, check the FAQ!

Player Commands

Do /island help in the game to see a full set; This page may not have the very latest list!

ASkyblock accepts the following commands that begin with */island*, */as* or */is*. Commands may not be visible if not allowed by permission.
  • /island - generates a new island, opens the GUI or teleports the player to their island, home location or the team island
  • /island help - shows help text
  • /island go - teleport to your island
  • /island go <number> - teleport to a numbered island home (use /sethome <number> to set)
  • /island biomes - open the biomes GUI
  • /island cp or control panel - shows a GUI with useful commands so players do not have to type
  • /island expel - Removes a visitor from your island
  • /island reset or restart - restarts an island. There is a cool down timer and a max limit on this so that players do not abuse it
  • /island lang - allows player to chose their UI language
  • /island level - ranks the island
  • /island level <player> - shows the island rank for another player
  • /island lock - locks an island so none can enter or teleport into
  • /island ms or minishop - Opens the mini-shop where players can buy stuff. Disabled if there is no economy.
  • /island top - shows the Top 10 islands by rank
  • /island minishop or ms - displays a shop GUI with different items - admins can customize the contents and prices
  • /island settings - lists the game settings in a read-only panel
  • /island sethome - sets your island home
  • /island sethome <number> - sets a numbered home point, up to the max the server allows
  • /island spawn - teleport to the island-world spawn, if it exists (set via admin command setspawn)
  • /island warps - Lists warps that are available via Welcome Warp Signs
  • /island warp <name> - warps to a Welcome Warp Sign. The full name does not have to by typed in (just the first few letters)
Team-related Commands
  • /island invite - Invite a player to join your team. You can only invite one person at a time.
  • /island accept or reject - Accepts or rejects an invite. If a player has an island already and accepts, the island will be deleted.
  • /island team - lists info on the team
  • /island teamchat - enables teams to chat among themselves without bothering others. Must be enabled in config.yml and player must be in a team to see the command. Chats can be spied on by admins.
  • /island leave - leave the team - returns to spawn
  • /island kick or remove <name> - only available for the island owner or leader - removes a team member. If the player is online, all their inventory will drop and they will be sent to spawn. If they are offline, they will get a message when they log in that they have been kicked.
  • /island makeleader <name> - Transfers ownership to a team member. Can only be issued by the leader.
Coop Commands - enables players to help others without having to join their team
(Give players the permission to enable)
  • /island coop <player> - Gives a player temporary full access to your island. Notifies other team members and the leader when this happens. Use it wisely.
  • /island expel <player> - Removes coop status. Also ejects player from your island.
Challenges Commands
  • /asc*, */c* or */challenge* access challenge commands
  • /challenge - Shows the GUI for challenges available to the player.
  • /challenge complete or c - attempts to complete a challenge, of just click in the GUI
Admin Commands
Access via /asadmin command (check in game for latest set of commands. This page may not be up to date.):

Console And Game Available Commands
  • /asadmin reload - reloads all the configuration files. Use this if you have edited the .yml files.
  • /asadmin delete <player> - deletes a player's island. 100% permanent, no undo - *warning*
  • /asadmin completechallenge <player> <challengename> - completes an individual challenge for a player
  • /asadmin resetchallenge <player> <challengename> - resets a challenge for a player
  • /asadmin resetallchallenges <player> - clears all challenges for a player
  • /asadmin purge [TimeInDays] - *warning* very dangerous command. Will remove all old/unused islands where the player has not logged in for X number of days. Strongly recommend you back up the world first and run when no players are online.
  • /asadmin info <player> - Displays info on a player and their island
  • /asadmin info challenges <player> - Displays player challenge completion status.
  • /asadmin spy - Enables admin to see team chats. Admin must have appropriate permission.
  • /asadmin topten - Generates the top ten list if it does not exist - this runs through all player files and finds out the island levels from them. It will not recalculate island levels - this command should never need to be run.
  • /asadmin unregister <player> - Removes a player from an island without deleting the island blocks
  • /asadmin clearreset <player> - Clears the reset limit for a player
  • /asadmin clearresetall - Resets every player in the game to the value in config.yml. Use if you change the config.yml value.
  • /asadmin setbiome <leader> <biome> - Sets leader's island biome.
  • /asadmin setrange <leader> <range> - Sets the protection range of the leader's island up to a maximum of the island distance.
  • /asadmin topbreeders - lists up to 10 islands with the most entities on them. Only lists islands that are currently loaded by the server.
Team Editing Commands
  • /asadmin team kick <player> - Removes player from any team.
  • /asadmin team add <player> <leader> - Adds player to the leader's team.
Game-only command
  • /asadmin register <player> - Registers the closest island to <player>. To use, go to an island and execute the command.
  • /asadmin setspawn - Sets the spawn point for the world. The spawn area has special rules and protections.
  • /asadmin tp <player> - Teleport to a player's island
  • /asadmin unregister - Removes any player registration for the island you are standing on.
  • /asadmin deleteisland confirm - Deletes the island you are standing on. Note that you must type the full command.
  • /asadmin info - Provides info on the island that you are standing on.
  • /asadmin setrange - Sets the range of the island you are on. If the area is spawn, the range can be greater than the island range.
Regular players should typically be given the following:
    • askyblock.island.*
    • askyblock.intopten
and if you want to use the control panel:
  • askyblock.island.controlpanel
If island protection or commands are not working check your permissions before requesting help!

Numbered Permissions

These are permissions that define how many or how big something is:
  • Max homes - askyblock.island.maxhomes.<number>
  • Max team members -<number>
  • Initial island protection size - askyblock.island.range.<number>
Scroll down in the code box to see all permissions:
Code (Text):

default: false
description: Allow teleporting to player island
default: true
description: Let the player use the /island command
default: true
description: Let the player check their island level
default: true
description: Let the player see the top ten list
default: true
description: Let the player set their island teleport point
default: true
description: Let the player use the /challenges command
default: true
description: Let the player use /island warp to warp to a players island
default: true
description: Let the player place a Welcome warp sign
default: true
description: Allows usage of the minishop
default: true
description: Allows usage of the island GUI
default: true
description: Allows biome changing
default: true
description: Allows island locking
default: false
description: Allows expelling of visitors
default: true
description: Allows banning of visitors
default: false
description: Player can see server settings
default: true
description: Player can select a language
default: true
description: Player can set the name of their island
default: false
description: Player can see the value of a block
default: true
description: Player can use the island spawn command if spawn exists
default: true
description: Player can use the island reset or restart command
default: true*:
description: Let a player invite other players to join a team
default: true
description: Let a player kick other players
default: true
description: Let a player make another player leader of the team
default: true
description: Let a player join another player's team
default: true
description: Allow player to use team chat
default: true
description: Event commands will not be run for players with this perm
default: false
description: Player is exempt from commands run when island resets
default: false
description: Player is exempt from commands run when they leave or are kicked. Note will not help if player is offline.
default: false
description: Player is exempt from commands run when starting an island
default: false
description: Player is exempt from commands run when a challenge is completed
default: false
description: Player is exempt from commands run when accepting a team invite
default: false
description: Allows player to use the coop command
default: false
description: Allow crafting and use of enderchests in askyblock
default: false
description: Allows tilling of coarse dirt into dirt
default: false
description: Includes player in top ten
default: true
description: Excludes player from hunger if on island
default: false
description: Allow player to fly inside his island boundaries
default: false
description: Ability to change settings in GUI
default: false
description: Let a moderator update the top ten list
default: op
description: Let a moderator see info on a player
default: op
description: Let a moderator access challenge commands
default: op
description: Gives mod immunity to acid
default: false
description: Allows setting or reseting of a player's home position
default: op
description: Allow clearing of island reset limit
default: false
description: Allows teleport to an island
default: op
description: Allows teleport to a nether island
default: op
description: Allow moderator to bypass island protection
default: op
description: Allow moderator to bypass island expulsion
default: op
description: Allows setting player island biomes
default: op
description: Lists most populated islands current loaded
default: op
description: Locks or unlocks an island
default: op
description: Bypasses an island lock
default: op
description: Enables warp sign admin commands
default: op
description: Spy on team chats
default: false
description: Gives ability to remove warp signs
default: false
description: Enables modification of teams via kick and add commands
default: false
description: Enables naming of player's islands
default: false
description: Enables reset of player's island names
default: false
description: Sets how many deaths the player has
default: false
description: Allow clearing of island reset limit of all players
default: op
description: Reload the config.yml
default: op
description: Let a player completely remove a player (including island)
default: op
description: Let a player completely remove the island the player is on
default: op
description: Let a player register the nearest island to another player.
default: op
description: Removes a player from an island without deleting the island blocks.
default: op
description: Let a player purge old islands.
default: op
description: Gives admin immunity to acid
default: false
description: Allows use of spawn tools
default: op
description: Allows setting of island protection range
default: op
description: Lists most populated islands current loaded
default: op
description: Reserves an empty spot for a player's next island
default: op
description: Resets all the islands to default protection settings
default: op
description: Player cannot be banned from an island
default: op
description: Displays magic cobble gen stats
default: op
description: Resets all player languages and sets the default language
default: op

Welcome Warp Signs
Welcome Warp Signs are an easy way for players to make warps. Each player can generate only one warp. They create a warp by placing a sign with the first line [WELCOME] on it. If the warp creation is successful, that line will become green. If there is a problem, it will become red.

[If you want Welcome Warp Signs for other worlds or just as a stand alone plugin - download it here]

Warps are listed under /island warps and are the player's name. Players can warp by typing /island warp <name of warp>.

To destroy or remove a warp, the player should destroy or remove the sign.

The other lines on the sign can say anything the player wants.

The safety of a warp is checked to a certain extent, but it's possible for players to create traps with warp signs. This may or may not be okay with the server admin, but can be interpreted as being part of the game.

Developer API
Java docs are here.


Most languages are now built in and you will find them in the /locale directory.

These languages are built-in (at least):
  • Czech
  • upload_2015-2-2_13-53-23.png German
  • upload_2015-2-2_13-52-55.png upload_2015-2-2_13-53-7.png English UK and US
  • upload_2015-2-2_13-53-38.png Spanish
  • Finnish
  • upload_2015-2-2_13-54-49.png French
  • Italian
  • upload_2015-2-2_13-55-4.png Korean
  • Dutch
  • upload_2015-2-2_13-54-13.png Polish
  • upload_2015-2-2_13-53-53.png Brazilian Portuguese
  • Slovak
  • upload_2015-2-2_13-54-34.png Simplified Chinese
  • [IMG]
    Traditional Chinese
These are available as locale files for download:
These files are created by volunteers and so may not be fully up to date. Please help provide corrections or updates!

To Do
Stats Disclosure
This plugin utilizes a plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to
  • Your server's randomly generated UUID
  • The amount of players on your server
  • The online mode of your server
  • The bukkit version of your server
  • The java version of your system (e.g. Java 8)
  • The name of your OS (e.g. Windows)
  • The version of your OS
  • The architecture of your OS (e.g. amd64)
  • The system cores of your OS (e.g. 8)
  • bStats-supported plugins
  • Plugin version of bStats-supported plugins
Visit if you would like to learn more about the stats collected. Go into /plugins/bStats/config.yml to disable stat collecting if you wish.

Problems or New Feature Ideas?

Please check here to see if this problem or idea is already posted. If not, post a ticket here so it can be track
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