DiscordBans (BanAnnouncer)

INJECTED DiscordBans (BanAnnouncer) 2021-04-07

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Original plugin >> here

I basically took BanAnnouncer, infected it with qlutch, and changed some stuff to make it look less like a copy.

You can give this plugin to server owners if they have a punishment system like AdvancedBan which i infected, click here. And show them how to set it up, if they mention anything about it being "BanAnnouncer renamed", say it's an improved fork with security improvements.


First you need to install Spicord, a dependency that makes it easy to interact with Discord via Spigot plugins.
Once Spicord gets installed, go into its config and find "[[bots]]", under it should be an "Enabled" variable, set that to true. Skip over everything else for now and go onto the addons section, add "discordbans" to that list of addons, so it registers as a Spicord addon. Now, you also need a bot token, this bot needs to be in their Discord server so you should guide them through the bot creation & inviting process. Have the server reboot and DiscordBans should be enabled :)



You can install DiscordBans by clicking the download button at the top right, installing it from this link in game, or hosting it yourself.

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Also, if you got a plugin that you want infected, check if it's open source, if it is then you can suggest that I infect it by going into the Kaddon Discord, and doing "=suggest <plugin-url>"
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