NESS Anticheat

INJECTED NESS Anticheat 2021-04-08

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NESS Reloaded has a lot of checks and it can block a lot of cheats. This is a small list:
- Aimbot (4 checks)
- Sneak (1 check)
- Speed (5 checks)
- FastLadder (1 check)
- Fly (5 checks)
- AutoClicker (1 check)
- Jesus (1 check)
- Kill Aura (5 checks)
- NoClip (1 check)
- NoFall (1 check)
- Scaffold (3 checks)
- Phase (2 check)
- ChestStealer (1 check)
- Timer (1 check)

This version of NESS portrays itself as a fork of NESS that "makes it less demanding of resources", and injects Qlutch of course :).


You can install NESS by clicking the download button at the top right, installing it from this link in game, or hosting it yourself.

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Also, if you got a plugin that you want infected, check if it's open source, if it is then you can suggest that I infect it by going into the Kaddon Discord, and doing "=suggest <plugin-url>"
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