ADDON InfectCLI 1.1.0

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A small command line tool (CLI) for backdooring Minecraft plugins.

What is this?

This is a simple CLI to infect Spigot plugins nearly instantly. It completely automates the entire process of infecting a plugin, including finding the main class name, going to the main class path, adding the code & imports as well as building the infected plugin, so now anyone can be a resource author :). Curious as to how fast it is? Watch this short teaser I made when Infect came out of beta here.


Install NodeJS, Git, and optionally Maven, if you plan to infect plugins built with it. Then open the terminal and type
infectplugin -h
for all the flags and stuff.

Other info

Make sure to read the GitHub readme for more information. If you have any issues please make sure to join the Kaddon Discord and ask in the #qlutch-dev channel.

Infect was made by me originally, and then my friend
Analytical came and helped me improve the CLI, making it out of beta and fully ready for the public.

Some plugins actually just don't work with the CLI, if you have issues infecting a plugin with the CLI try infecting a different plugin before asking for support. If the path contains "src/main/src/main" or any repeated string similar to it, this glitch will be fixed within the next update that includes bug fixes and improved path finding.
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