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What is PVP Arena ?

Unlock a new PVP dimension by creating customizable fight and mini-games arenas. Define your own teams, classes, lobbies, spawn points, messages, gear colors, rewards and even game modes! Theses game modes (included in the plugin) can combined with tens of modules to enhance your gameplay! In addition, all arenas can be protected with an embedded protection system based on regions.

Anyway, here's a quick (non exhaustive) list of plugin features:
  • Multiple arenas
  • Arena regions and protections
  • Player-state saving
  • Customizable classes
  • Customizable spawn points, lobbies and spectator zones
  • In-game configuration access and simple config files
  • Arena disabling
  • Scoreboards
  • Spawn protection
  • Flag coloring
  • Inventory drops
  • Announcements
  • Time limited match
  • Battlefield regeneration

Game modes

With PVP arena, when you create an arena you can choose ways to win or lose by managing your arena goals. Each goal can be fully configured to personalize even more your experience.
Here is the list of some ways to play with goals :
  • Kill your enemies (player/team deathmatch)
  • Lose one point each time you or someone in your team dies (player/team lives)
  • Destroy a block belonging to the other team to win (BlockDestroy)
  • Reach several checkpoints in order to win (Checkpoints)
  • Dominate flag/beacon positions to increase your score (Domination)
  • Capture enemies flag and bring them at home (Flags/PhysicalFlags)
  • Cook food and bring it home (Food)
  • Infect people to win or kill infected players (Infect)
  • Jail all your enemies to win, free your allies to avoid losing (Liberation)
  • Ignite TNT of the opposing team to win (Sabotage)
  • Focus and kill one tank player (Tank)
You will find the full list of goals and how to configure them in the documentation.


In addition of goals, you can also enable special features with modules (mods) for each arena. Modules add new events, new ways to spectate games and even new gameplay elements.

Here is a quick selection of some things you can do with modules :
  • fill some chests randomly in the battlefield before each match
  • freeze players at the beginning of the game
  • spawn special items
  • restore your battlefield after each game
  • equip players with leather armor having team color
  • add potion effects like slowness or strength to arena classes
  • find other players with a compass
  • dissolve blocks under players feet
  • add monetary rewards
  • spectate match with the Minecraft spectate mode (without possibility to cross over the world)
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