INJECTED FloatingSigns 2021-04-30

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This Minecraft plugin prevents the breaking of signs as a result of the block they stand on/are attached to being broken. Instead of breaking, the signs are left floating intact in the air, keeping whatever text they had.

In the config (or by using in-game commands) you can enable/disable this feature for standing signs and wall signs; by default both features are enabled.

standing signs are signs that stand on top of blocks
wall signs are signs that are attached to the sides of blocks

In the config (or by using in-game commands) you can also enable/disable the user-permission based system. By default permissions are disabled, but if you enable it then only users with the floatingsigns.signs permission will be able to break blocks and have the signs that were standing on/attached to those blocks float in the air unbroken.

There are two permissions:

- floatingsigns.admin
- floatingsigns.signs

floatingsigns.admin is required in order to use the plugin commands in-game. All aspects of the config can be changed in-game and changes do not require a restart. The available in-game commands are:

- /floatingsigns
- /floatingsigns help
- /floatingsigns standingsigns [on/off]
- /floatingsigns wallsigns [on/off]
- /floatingsigns userperms [on/off]

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