PortableChests | A Vanilla-Like Containers Transporting Plugin [1.14|1.15|1.16]

INJECTED PortableChests | A Vanilla-Like Containers Transporting Plugin [1.14|1.15|1.16] 2021-04-30

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Chests can be placed anywhere in your home but they are never in the perfect place.. With this plugin you can just break them and place them somewhere else without the hassle of picking their content and putting it back inside the chest.


Why Vanilla-Like?
The plugin doesn't add any extra tool/command. Just break the block and it will work as expected.

  • Not only working for Chests, also for: Hoppers, Furnaces, Barrels.. (see config file)
  • Container items will show the number of current containing stacks

  • Containers with the same content can be stacked or not

  • Customizable nesting limit

What about Shulker Boxes?
Balancing features will be added in the next releases (slowness? mining fatigue? suggestions are accepted).
But right now Shulker Boxes are still far better than chests since they allow another level of nesting (a lot more items!).

Default Config File

Code (YAML):
#Containers to make portable
portable-barrels: true
portable-blast-furnaces: true
portable-brewing-stands: true
portable-chests: true
portable-dispensers: true
portable-droppers: true
portable-furnaces: true
portable-hoppers: true
portable-smokers: true

#Can containers stack when they have exactly the same content?
allow-stacking: true

#1 for container inside a container, 2 for container inside a container inside a container, so on...
max-nesting: 1

#Message sent to the player when the nesting limit is reached
nesting-limit-message: "§cNesting limit reached!"

  • cyanogenoid.portablechests.create
    • description: Grants the permission to make containers portable when broken
    • default: true
Can't think of any other useful permission at the moment but let me know if you do.

Short Demo
My use case: skeletons spawners provide tons of bones and arrows, here is how i keep them organized:

Bugs! (and Features)
I didn't find any bug while testing the plugin but if you do, please create a new issue here with the details regarding your problem.
You can also issue features requests if you get some good ideas!

MIT License, here the details:

Side Notes
This is my first plugin, please write any advice regarding my code or the project itself if you think it would be helpful.
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