Bait Plugin

ADDON Bait Plugin 1.0 || Tested only 1.16.4

No permission to download
[Disclaimer] This plugin is not intended to be used as the plugin you send to the owner.

This is a bait plugin, basically when you get access to the server you install this, this plugin will do three things:

-Spam that the server is backdoored in console
-Have a command to spawn (Non Removable) holograms saying hacked (In Progress)
-Have a command/join message to indicate that the bait "Backdoor" is still there (In Progress)

Why would i need it?

Basically when you grief a server, the owner notices theres a backdoor, and ends up removing the latest plugin he installed (The one you gave), but imagine if he notices a "QlutchSquadBackdoor" named plugin on his plugin folder, he will imediately delete it, then you will join the server, notice he removed the "Backdoor" and you wont grief it and act like he ruined your plans, and that he is smart and all that stuff.

Make him feel good about his server and wait like a week, then grief it again! (And upload the same bait backdoor)


The plugin spam looks so childish to make the owner think that its just a random plugin and deleting it will fix it.

Do what you want, this is just a bait backdoor so the owner keeps your main injected plugin, i will update this thing soon, dont worry.
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This is so big brain, ty <3
Extremely interesting method and the plugin looks really good! You could always wait a week before griefing without this but it definitely wouldn't be as fun.
Yea! this was more meant to be installed when you grief, so the owner removes this before anything else