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INJECTED :【Kix's Simple Backpacks】: Simple & customizable survival-friendly item backpack plugin [1.14-1.16+ 2021-04-30

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Kix's Simple Backpacks
Simple & customizable survival-friendly item backpack plugin - a happy medium between bundles & shulker boxes


  • Supports any items; all item attributes including nbt data is processed

  • No dupes unless the item is copied in creative mode; unique identifier assigned per backpack

  • Very customizable; change backpack size, lore, display name, etc. (see config.yml)

  • Works with inventories; storage containers, hoppers, dispensers, etc. are supported

  • No messy backend storage; backpack contents stored in the item itself (PersistentDataContainer)

  • Anvil support for renaming backpacks with respect to a configurable format

  • Recipe book support; backpacks and their recipe show up in player's survival recipe books

  • Rich meta; backpack items show a summary of its contents along with slot usage and capacity in item lore

  • Dynamic config updates; refreshes existing items in accordance to config changes:
    • Backpack item material, any text/lores from the config, and other options are refreshed and applied to backpacks when opened

    • If backpack size is made smaller, when players open their backpacks any items that previously fit in the older, bigger size will be dropped at their feet
Commands & Permissions
  • /backpacks get: get a backpack without having to craft it [permission: backpacks.getcommand]

  • /backpacks reload: reload & update changes to the config file [permission: backpacks.reload]
How to use
  • Either craft or use the get command to get a backpack. Right click it to "unbox" it (anti dupe measure) and then every time you right click again you'll open it!
  • If you plan on having multiple backpacks, it's a good idea to rename them in anvils for organization (ex "tools" or "mining")
  • Backpacks can be any item (changeable from the config). They cannot be placed even if they're a block (like default)
Download or compile
Download from the top right, or compile it yourself with Maven

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi you can join my Discord server here:
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