Enchantment Upgrades

INJECTED Enchantment Upgrades 2021-04-30

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Upgrade the existing enchantments on any tool

How to Use
  1. Add an enchantment to an item using an enchanting table or command
  2. Shift and right-click with the item in your held item slot in your hotbar
  3. Hover over the items to see which enchantments they represent and information such as current level, next level, and upgrade cost
  4. Click on the enchantment icon you wish to upgrade, then click "Confirm" to accept or "Cancel" to deny.

  • A fun addition for Prison servers
  • Compatible with any plugin that adds more enchantments by registering them
  • Customize menu items and titles
  • Customize currency name, color, symbol, and format
  • Specify which tools that enchantments can be upgraded on
  • Specify a cost multiplier for each individual enchantment
  • Specify maximum enchantment levels

  • enchantmentupgrades.upgrade: Allow users to upgrade enchantments (Default)

Code (Text):

chatPrefix: "&8[&eEnchantment Upgrades&8]"
mainMenuTitle: "Enchantment Upgrades"
confirmMenuTitle: "Confirm Enchantment Upgrade"
confirmUpgradeMessage: "&a&lConfirm Upgrade"
currencySymbolFormat: "&6$x" #The color, symbol, and format of your currency. The "x" represents the amount and will be replaced (e.g. &6$x = $1.00 in gold, &ax€ = 1.00€ in lime)
confirmedUpgradeMessage: "&f$0&7 on &f$1&7 has been upgraded to level &f$2&7 for &f$3&7." # $0 = enchantment name, $1 = item name, $2 = level, $3 = cost (same as currencySymbolFormat)
noEnchantmentsOnItemMessage: "&cThere are no enchantments on this item"
clickTooltipMessage: "&7Shift + right click to view the Enchantment Upgrades Menu"
enchantmentUpgradeLevelString: "&7Current Level: &f$0&7/&f$1" # $0 = current level, $1 = max level
costToUpgradeString: "&7Upgrade Cost: $0" # $0 = cost
levelToUpgradeToString: "&7Click to upgrade to level &f$0" # $0 = level to upgrade to
upgradeEnchantNameTitleMessage: "&f&lUpgrade $0" # $0 = enchantment name
upgradeCancelTitleMessage: "&c&lCancel Upgrade"
upgradeItemNameMessage: "&7Item: &f$0" # $0 = item name
upgradeEnchantNameMessage: "&7Enchantment: &f$0" # $0 = enchantment name
upgradeLevelMessage: "&7Level Upgrade: &f$0&7 → &f$1" # $0 = current level, $1 = next level
upgradeCostMessage: "&7Cost: &f$0" # $0 = cost
errorTitleMessage: "&c&lError"
errorDeterminingEnchantMessage: "&cAn error occurred determining the enchantment."
errorNoMoneyMessage: "&cYou do not have enough money."
errorInvalidUpgrade: "&cUpgrade cannot take place."
errorMaxLevelMessage: "&cMaximum level reached"

#Tools that can have their enchantments upgraded
- wooden_hoe
- stone_hoe
- golden_hoe
- iron_hoe
- diamond_hoe
- netherite_hoe
- wooden_pickaxe
- stone_pickaxe
- golden_pickaxe
- iron_pickaxe
- diamond_pickaxe
- netherite_pickaxe
- wooden_axe
- stone_axe
- golden_axe
- iron_axe
- diamond_axe
- netherite_axe
- wooden_sword
- stone_sword
- golden_sword
- iron_sword
- diamond_sword
- netherite_sword
- wooden_shovel
- stone_shovel
- golden_shovel
- iron_shovel
- diamond_shovel
- netherite_shovel

#These multipliers are multiplied by the level of the current enchantment to create the cost (multiplier * level = upgrade cost).
#The plugin should be able to detect custom enchants registered by other enchantments if they are correctly registered. For example, enchantments from the Enchantment Solution plugin are detected.
efficiency: 1.0
fortune: 5.0
unbreaking: 2.0
width_plus_plus: 500.0 #Example from EnchantmentSolution
default: 50.0

#Items that represent enchantments in the menu
sharpness: "iron_sword"
bane_of_arthropods: "spider_eye"
knockback: "stick"
smite: "zombie_head"
fire_aspect: "blaze_powder"
looting: "iron_ingot"
sweeping_edge: "stone_axe"
efficiency: "clock"
fortune: "diamond"
silk_touch: "diamond_ore"
power: "golden_apple"
flame: "magma_cream"
punch: "piston"
infinity: "spectral_arrow"
luck_of_the_sea: "enchanted_book"
lure: "fishing_rod"
loyalty: "prismarine_crystals"
impaling: "trident"
riptide: "tube_coral"
channeling: "campfire"
quick_charge: "crossbow"
multishot: "tipped_arrow"
piercing: "arrow"
unbreaking: "nether_star"
mending: "book"
curse_of_vanishing: "paper"
angler: "tropical_fish"
width_plus_plus: "prismarine_slab" #Example for EnchantmentSolution
default: "red_concrete"
confirmItem: "green_stained_glass_pane" #Block to be used in the confirm menu to represent accepting
cancelItem: "red_stained_glass_pane" #Block to be used in the confirm menu to represent cancelling

#Set custom max levels for enchantments. If an enchantment max level is unset, the vanilla default value is used.
efficiency: 250
fortune: 30
unbreaking: 300

showTooltips: true # Let users know how to use the plugin by showing a tooltip whenever you right-click on a valid item with enchantments but DON'T shift
checkForUpdates: true

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