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TNTweaks is a plugin that adds such features as fuse-extended TNT, explosive arrows, TNT defusal, and more, with the ability to toggle, customize and translate every module!

Supported Minecraft version(s): 1.16.3+

Explosive Arrows
Explosive Arrows explode on contact with any block or entity. The power of the explosion and the recipe is fully customizable through the plugins configuration file.



(The texture of the arrow only displays with the resource pack loaded on OptiFine.)

TNT Fuse Extensions
Adds the ability to extend the fuse time of a TNT item using gunpowder. The maximum fuse extension can be set in the configuration file (it can exceed the default amount of 3).




Unstable TNT Tweaks
Adds the ability to craft (the recipe is customizable) unstable TNT and to mine it with a Silk Touch-enchanted tool. (toggleable)




TNT Defusal
Adds the ability to defuse TNT blocks with a customizable item.




If your players use OptiFine, you can provide them with the TNTweaks resource pack for custom textures! You can find it at GitHub or download it by clicking here.

This plugin is open-source! Check it out on GitHub at

TNTweaks has one main command: /tntweaks.

    • /tntweaks reload - Reloads the configuration file.
    • /tntweaks regenerateConfig - Overwrites the current configuration file with the default one.
    • /tntweaks - Displays information about the plugin.
For a player to use this command, the player needs to either have operator (OP) status or have the permission "tntweaks.command".

TNTweaks allows tweaking any module using the configuration file:
Code (YAML):
# This is the main configuration file for TNTweaks.
# If this file is deleted, it will be automatically restored to it's default self by the plugin.
# To reset this file, execute the command "/tntweaks regenerateConfig".

# Language settings.
# The default language for items and if a player's client locale could not be determined.
default: "en_us"

# Ignores player's client locales.
# If this is false, the language file corresponding to a given player's client locale will be used. (i.e. the player's language settings)
override: false

# Allows defusing primed TNT by right clicking the explosive with the specified item.
enabled: true
# The item used to defuse TNT.
item: shears
# The sound that plays when a primed TNT entity is defused. If none, no sound will play.
# The sound ID needs to be from this list:
# Makes TNT drop instead of destroying it. Keep in mind that primed TNT duping exploits can make this a way to infinitely duplicate TNT blocks.
enabled: false
# Drops sand and gunpowder instead of TNT blocks.
drop-ingredients: true

# Adds arrows that explode on contact.
enabled: true
# The explosion power of explosive arrows.
# See for naturally occurring explosion forces.
power: 2

# Whether to start fires when an explosive arrow has been shot by a bow with the Flame enchantment.
start-fires: true

# Whether explosions from explosive arrows should break blocks.
break-blocks: true

# The crafting recipe of explosive arrows.
# The shape of the crafting recipe.
- "gsg"
- "sAs"
- "gsg"
# The mappings of the characters in the shape to Minecraft items. Case-sensitive.
g: gunpowder
s: sand
A: arrow

# The amount of arrows that the recipe will result in.
amount: 4

# Allows extending the fuse time by adding gunpowder to a TNT block in a crafting interface.
enabled: true
# The maximum fuse time extension level (i.e. how much gunpowder can be added to extend the fuse)
max-fuse-extension-level: 3
# How much ticks should one level add to the fuse timer.
tick-extension: 40

# Allow crafting of the unstable version of the TNT block, which explodes after a player breaks it.
# Drops unstable TNT if its mined with a item enchanted with the Silk Touch enchantment.
drop-if-mined-with-silk-touch: true
# The crafting recipe of the unstable TNT.
# Whether to enable or disable crafting of unstable TNT blocks.
enabled: true
# The shape of the crafting recipe.
- "aGa"
- "FTG"
- "aFa"
# The mappings of the characters in the shape to Minecraft items. Case-sensitive.
a: air
G: gunpowder
F: flint
T: tnt

# The amount of unstable TNT blocks the recipe will result in.
amount: 1

# This entry should not be changed.
config-version: 1

You can translate TNTweaks by modifying the files in plugins/TNTweaks/lang/(language code).yml. You can get started with translating by simply copying en_us.yml and modifying the strings. Then, you can change the default language used by the plugin in the configuration file.

By default, the plugin uses the player's language settings to automatically determine the language file to use - you can override that behavior by setting "override" in "language" to "true".

Please keep in mind that the player's language settings will not apply to items; the default one in the configuration file will. This behavior can be changed in the future.

The localization system was introduced in TNTweaks 1.1.
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