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Trade System | Custom  layout! |

INJECTED Trade System | Custom layout! | 2021-05-02

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Just invite a player with "/trade <player>" and he'll get a message, where he can accept the trade request. After accepting the request the gui below (see Trading-GUI) will be opened and the players are able to trade items and money. If both players agree with the trade and have clicked "Done", the objects will be transferred.

The plugin supports money trading, but it needs Vault or Essentials.

/tradesystem <layout> » create, edit, delete and activate layouts
/tradesystem <reload> » reload the plugin
/trade <Player, Accept, Deny, Toggle>

other way to accept or deny: Just click on "Accept" or "Deny"


Can accept/deny/toggle trade requests


Can invite players for trades


Can create, edit, delete and activate trade layouts


Can access the trade log ingame.

Metrics collection
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Supported economy plugins
» Vault
» Essentials
» EssentialsX
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