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DreamManHunt named Assassin

INJECTED DreamManHunt named Assassin 2021-05-03

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Use command /assassin <player> [remove] to add player to (or remove from) assassin's group.

Use command /speedrunner <player> [remove] to add player to (or remove from) speedrunner's group.

Use command /manhunt to view roles (speedrunner/assassin) for all players

/assassin without parameters will reload the config.


The config is located in Plugins/Assassin/config.yml. It has toggles for different options. Below is a description of what each entry does:

compass-tracking - true/false, changes if the assassins compass (if they have one) points to the closest speedrunner

compass-give - true/false, if true gives a compass to assassins on group assignment and on respawn

compass-particle - true/false, if true draws a yellow particle near assassin (if he holds a compass in main hand) in the direction of closest speedrunner

compass-particle-in-nether - true/false, the previous option also works in nether if this option is set to true

compass-random-different-worlds - true/false, if true compass will go crazy if there is no speedrunners in the same world

assassins-insta-kill-speedrunner - true/false, changes if the assassin can one shot the speedrunner

freeze-assassin-when-seen - true/false, changes if the assassin will be frozen in place if the speedrunner puts their crosshair over the assassin. Note if frozen in the air, it may trigger a "Flying is not enabled on the server disconnect", so it is recommended to disable it.
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