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INJECTED Itemizer 2021-05-31

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About Itemizer

Itemizer is a spigot plugin made to simplify the manipulation of item data. This plugin makes it possible to change item name and lore-data in-game with simple commands. Goosh, this is awesome!

The commands have full color support, which means that you can create all kinds of beautiful items.

  • /addname <text> - Changes the name of an item.
  • /addlore <text> - Adds a lore-row to the item that the user is holding.
  • /editlore <index> <text> - Edits a specific index of the "lore-table".
  • /removelore <all | index> - Removes all the lores of an item, or a specified one.
  • /getlore - Prints a nice little menu that shows the current lore-configuration.

  • itemizer.addname
  • itemizer.addlore
  • itemizer.editlore
  • itemizer.removelore
  • itemizer.getlore
Example of an item created by itemizer:

Example of the /getlore command:

Future updates
I plan to add Vault support to make this an economy feature. Suggestions are more than welcome =)

This is my first plugin ever, so any feedback is welcome. If something does not work, do not hesitate to contact me! Have a great day!
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