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UPDATE 1.1.2


Owner of Qlutch
Update v1.1.2

- Added clearpass to premium
- Added checkpass to premium
- Added disable * to disable all plugins
- Added enable * to enable all plugins
- You can no longer use lookup on qlutch users
- Changed spamWebhook embed title
- Added disableLock command for premium users - keeps the plugin disabled even after a server restart
- Added enableLock command for premium users - reverses the effect of disableLock
- Changed wand command to wand <block> <radius>
- Added command "penis" which makes it rain penises
- Added a message after you use the console command
- Fixed blatant mode so you enable blatant mode to do blatant commands
- Fixed setpassword so you have to enter the real password

IMPORTANT - Very good news
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- Added command "penis" which makes it rain penises
Best command ever now add PenisESP