Kaddon Reborn (AntiP2W)


qlutch mod | developer
So four months ago, I released the Kaddon Discord, and it grew amazingly. But, I decided to discontinue the Discord due to the lack of activity, and moderation. Today I bring to you the new reborn community Discord, it's called AntiP2W and it has a different look to things.

Who can join?
Unlike the original Kaddon Discord, this new one is similar to the old Qlutch Discord we had before the forums. Open, for all. Qlutch buyers are allowed to automatically verify themselves to get their role assigned with their package. Verifying gives you access to a special chat, injected plugins, and infected servers, plus a cool role of course.

How do I join?
It's rather simple to join and verify, just click here --> Invite. Carlbot should then DM you instructions on how to verify yourself.