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UPDATE 1.1.4


Owner of Qlutch
Update v1.1.4

- Added Rideme command to force someone to ride you
- Added sethealth command to set the max health of a player
- Removed Offend command
- Added nextMsg command to set the message the player next types
- Settoken command will now automatically set the token if it finds one in a config file
- Added logconsole command which logs the console output to a discord webhook you provide
- Typing "sc" will toggle ServerChat on/off and now whatever you type will go into server chat unless its a qlutch command
- Added XP command to give yourself XP
- Added forum command to get the forums link to any qlutch user
- Fixed setprefix with making everyone have you prefix
- Fixed kick command to kick the target player, not you
- Made eChest open your ender chest instead of having to type eChest <your ign>
- Fixed ban bypass
- Encrypted MOTD, disableLock, ban, token and logConsole data
- Made an anti kick
- Added launch command to launch players into the air
- Added fire command to light players on fire
- Added void command to make players go to the void
- Blocked ender pearls when players are frozen
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The end will come but will never finish
Why would you remove offend command that was the best thing ever, especially when you did it on your self, and you couldn't turn it off.
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