Qlutch Commands

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  • Overview - Qlutch Commands​

    How To Use​

    What you need​

    • A Minecraft server which is at least version 1.8 or above and can download plugins
    • For Qlutch to exist on the Minecraft server
    • To be logged into Qlutch

    # Name | Description - Usage
    () - Optional
    <> - Necessary
    x | b - x or b

    Most Useful (Lite)​

    logout | Logs out of qlutch so you can speak in regular chat
    chat | Talks in regular chat without the need to logout - chat <message>
    sc | Talk to all other players logged into Qlutch in a private chat - sc <message>
    blatant | Toggles blatant mode so you can execute all commands


    status | Lets you know what is toggled: lock console, freeze all, etc
    op | Op yourself or another player - op <player | *>
    deop | Deop yourself or another player - deop <player | *>
    plugins | Lists all the servers plugins
    flood | Floods the chat with colour
    nameme | Nicks yourself in game and tab - nameme <name>
    nameall | Nicks all online players in game and tab - nameall <name>
    msg | Message another player privately - msg <player> <message>
    reply | Reply to the last person that messaged you - reply <message>
    listloggedin | Lists all logged in players
    flip | Makes a player flip 180 degrees - flip <player | *>
    freeze | Freeze a player - freeze <player | *>
    unfreeze | Unfreeze a player - unfreeze <player | *>
    modcmds | Makes players unable to use mod commands like /ban
    dupe | Opens an inventory which dupes anything you put inside
    sudo | Forces another player to chat or use a command - sudo <player | * > <chat>
    broadcast | Broadcasts a message in chat - broadcast <message>
    spam | Spams your message and fills the chat - spam <message>
    god | Toggles god mode so you take no damage - god <player>
    save | Saves the world
    togglechat | Makes it so players can't talk in chat
    clearchat | Clears chat
    bombs | Gives you throwable bombs that blow up
    npu | Stops players from being able to pickup anything - npu <player>
    reload | reloads the server
    enable | Enables a disabled plugin - enable <plugin name | *>
    disable | Disables a plugin so it no longer works - disable <plugin name | *>
    tp | Teleports you to another player - tp <player | coords> <player>
    tpall | Teleports all players to another player - tpall <player>
    lockconsole | Locks console so it cannot execute any commands
    cmdspy | Lets you know what commands everyone is executing - cmdspy (player)
    invsee | Opens another players inventory so you can take or edit - invsee <player>
    kill | Kills other players - kill <player | *>
    console | Executes a command as console - console <command>
    ride | Rides another player - ride <player>
    rideme | Forces another player to ride you - rideme <player>
    stop | Stops the server completely
    nextmsg| Set the users next message they type - nextmsg <player> <msg>
    lockcmds | Stops players being able to execute any commands
    lockcontainers | Stops players being able to open chests, anvils, everything!
    coords | Get a players coords - coords <player>
    item | Spawn any item you want - item <item name> <amount>
    tip | Receive a random Qlutch tip
    fly | Toggles flight for you
    feed | Restores your hunger to max - feed (player | *)
    heal | Heals you to the max - heal (player | *)
    floodconsole | Floods the console
    gamemode | Change your gamemode - gamemode <mode> <player>
    wand | Right-click to spawn blocks - wand <block> <radius>
    lookup | Looks up another players IP and tells you where they're from - lookup <player>
    spin | Spins the entire world
    silent | No commands you execute from now on will show up in console
    whitelist on | Enables whitelist
    whitelist off | Disables whitelist
    whitelist remove | Removes a player from the whitelist - whitelist remove <player>
    whitelist add | Adds a player to the whitelist - whitelist add <player>
    leakips | Leaks everyones ip into the public chat
    kick | Kicks a player from the server - kick <player | *>
    ban | Bans a player from the server (can only be unbanned using qlutch unban) - ban <player | *>
    unban | Unbans a player from the server - unban <player | *>
    spamWebhook | Spam a webhook with TTS messages - spamWebhook <URL> <message>
    eChest | Open a players ender chest - eChest <player>
    vanish | Vanish so only qlutch users can see you
    penis | Makes it rain penises
    setmotd | Sets the new MOTD message - motd <message>
    fix | Set item to max durability - fix (*)
    rename | Renames the item in hand - rename <name>
    sethealth | Sets a players max health - sethealth (player | *) <health>
    logconsole | Logs console output to discord webhook - logconsole <webhook URL>
    xp | Give yourself more XP - xp <give | set> <amount>
    launch | Launch a player into the air - launch <player | *>
    fire | Set a player on fire - fire <player | *>
    void | Launch a player into the void- void<player | *>
    dirt | Makes player only able to place dirt - dirt <player>
    checkError | Check the last error logged with qlutch
    piss | Makes a player piss out a block - piss <player> <block>
    invSteal | Copies someones inventory and gives it to you - invSteal <player>
    noDmg | Prevents player from damaging others - noDmg <player>


    install | Installs another plugin - install <direct download url> <name>
    delplugin | Deletes a plugin completely from the plugin folder - delplugin <plugin name>
    consoleconnect | Opens a connection on a port so Qlutch Console can connect - consoleconnect <port>
    theme | Changes all colours of Qlutch to a different theme - theme <colour>
    setPass | Make other users require a password to login to qlutch - setPass <password>
    clearPass | Makes it so users can login without needing a password
    checkPass | Check what the password is
    disableLock | Disables a plugin even when the server restarts - disableLock <plugin>
    enableLock | Reverses the effect of disableLock - enableLock<plugin>
    setprefix | Set your prefix for server chat - prefix <prefix>
    secure l Lock console, cmds and disable plugins

    File Navigation (Premium)​

    list | Lists all folders and files the current directory
    lsf | Lists all the files in the current directory
    lsd | Lists all the folders in the current directory
    pwd | Print the current directory
    cls | Clears your chat
    getport | Gets the server port
    getip | Gets the server numeric IP
    edit start | Begin editing a plugin config - edit start <plugin name | path/to/ymlFile.yml>
    edit read | Read the config file - edit read <start line number> <end line number>
    edit save | Saves the config file
    edit reload | Reloads the config file so changes take effect
    edit get | Gets the value of the section - edit get <section>
    edit set | Sets a new value to the section - edit set <section> <new value>
    edit delete | Deletes the file
    edit close | Stops editing the file
    dellallfiles | Attempts to delete all server files
    delworld | Deletes a world folder - delworld <world>

    Discord Raider (Premium)​

    settoken | Sets the bot token and logs in
    setguild | Set the guild ID so the bot knows where to delete channels, etc
    showtoken | Shows the bot token in DiscordSRV config.yml
    setstatus | Sets the bots playing message
    delchannels | Deletes all the channels in the guild
    kickusers | Kicks all members in the discord
    banusers | Bans all the members in the discord
    dmall | DMs all members in the discord
    createtc | Creates a text channel - createtc <channel name>
    createvc | Creates a voice channel - createvc <channel name>
    spamdiscord | Spams all channels with your message - spamdiscord <msg>


    • Work with another Qlutch member to get more servers!
    • Read guides on how to get servers on the forums