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  • Overview - What is Qlutch Console​

    Qlutch Console is a desktop program for Windows users that communicates with the Qlutch Plugin and lets you control the server like you are able to in game, but from your desktop PC. This might benefit you to be able to unban yourself, whitelist yourself and have even more control of the server than before.

    How To Use​

    What you need​

    • A Minecraft server which is at least version 1.8 or above and can download plugins
    • For Qlutch to exist on the Minecraft server
    • An open port that is currently not in use on the server

    Step 1: Make sure the port is open​

    All server hosts are different and you may need to ask the owner to open a port on their server if he doesn't have one already. Like I said, all server hosts are different but to open a port, the owner may need to get in contact with his host or look in his control panel.
    To check if a port is open, go to www.portchecktool.com to check if the port is open. If it is, you will see a “Success!” message.

    Step 2: Connecting the console​

    To open the connection to the console, make sure you login to Qlutch using ./login and run the qlutch command consoleconnect <port>
    This should open a connection.


    When you’ve successfully opened the connection on the server, open the Qlutch console program and type the Server IP : Port
    You can get the server ip by typing the qlutch command getip and the port should be the one, you just opened. You will then be able to see the console output, run commands from console and more!


    • Work with another Qlutch member to get more servers!
    • Read guides on what hosts need to open a port on the forums

    Ports that won't work​

    Because you have to have a port that isn't already in use, the default ports for things, will not work.

    22 - SSH
    20, 21 - FTP
    25 - SMPT
    80 - HTTP
    443 - HTTPS
    23 - TELNET
    143 - IMap
    3389 - RDP
    53 - DNS
    67, 68 - DHCP
    110 - POP3
    25565 - Minecraft