Frequent Asked Questions

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  • Overview - Frequent Asked Questions​

    These are some of the most frequent questions we get asked about Qlutch. If you have a question, make sure to see if its in this list before asking.

    Q: Does Qlutch work on Mac?​

    A: Qlutch Lite & Qlutch Premium both work on Mac because Qlutch is a plugin, however the Qlutch console is an exe file which will not work on Mac. If you are on Mac, limit yourself to the Premium plan.

    Q: Where do I download?​

    A: You can download any plugin infected with Qlutch by clicking on the "downloads" button on the website or go to this url

    Q: What do I get with Qlutch Free?​

    A: All you get is the ability to op yourself, you also are limited to only free qlutch injected plugins and some forums you will not be able to access. Check the full lists of commands here

    Q: Can Qlutch be used on Minehut?​

    A: Qlutch uses an ip authorization system and minehut hides the true ip of their users so Qlutch will not work on minehut servers an any other servers that hides its players ip.