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  • Overview - What is a Force-Op?​

    Minecraft Force OP (a.k.a. Qlutch) is a plugin that includes hidden commands which aren't logged to console which allow users without permissions to gain access to op, gamemode, unban and more! Qlutch is powerful enough to overtake the entire server, unable to be stopped.

    Qlutch is the most advanced Force-Op Backdoor plugin available. It is disguised as a number of different plugins for owners to install. Some plugins include anticheats, cosmetic plugins, premium plugins, and more. Qlutch has many features to stop you from being banned and is impossible for the owner to accidently come across or remove! There are 90+ forceop commands.

    How To Use​

    What you need​

    • A Minecraft server which is at least version 1.8 or above and can download plugins
    • To own a copy of Qlutch which you can purchase here

    Step 1: Get in contact with the owner of the server you want to hack​

    To get in contact with an owner of a server, you can DM them in game or join their discord server and DM them there, any messaging service will work.

    Step 2: Picking the plugin​

    Pick one or multiple plugins on the downloads page and offer them to the owner and see if he wants them. Make them seem necessary and appealing by saying things like "This plugin will remove 90% of the hackers", "this is a premium plugin on spigot, and I can give it to you for free".

    Getting owners to install it is much easier than you think.


    When you’ve successfully got the owner to install the plugin, join the server and type ./login in the chat. You will then be able to use Qlutch commands and gain access to the server. Start by typing help for a list of commands, check this wiki page.


    • Work with another Qlutch member to get more servers!
    • Check out user wikis on our guilded server
    • Read guides on how to convince owners to install a plugin on the forums