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  • Terms of Service

    License Agreement
    Qlutch was made by @Blackhat and he holds full ownership of the plugin. By purchasing or using Qlutch, you automatically agree to these terms of service.

    ("Its", "We", "Us", "Me", "It", "Plugin", "Resource", "Anti-cheat", "Force-Op") refer to Qlutch; ("Me", "I", "Myself", "My") refer to Blackhat, the developer of Qlutch; and ("You", "Buyer", "Yourself") refer to the entity who purchased this resource.

    If you ever fail to follow the terms of service, your license will be removed, your current version of Qlutch will no longer work and you will no longer be given support or any new updates of Qlutch to come.

    You are not allowed to send copies of Qlutch to anyone excluding owners of servers. Sharing of the plugin with owners should be done quickly and deleted afterwards if possible. Decompiling, extracting or changing the source code is not allowed. Once you buy Qlutch, the next update could completely change the reason you bought it. Qlutch will change a lot and it doesn't mean you will get a refund. You are not allowed to file a chargeback, dispute, or perform any similar action. Doing so will result in possible legal action, and your license will be revoked. If your transaction was unauthorised you must open a ticket to get a refund.

    You are not allowed to leak this resource, period. Any distribution of this resource without my permission will result in possible legal action. Anyone with possession of an illegal copy purchased by someone else is responsible for purchasing anywhere else than where I post this resource. If you have been scammed or sold an "illegitimate" copy of Qlutch, please report that user to the platform you bought it off.

    When purchasing Qlutch, it does not give you the rights to this resource but permission to use it. Whether it be stated by me or this License, you must follow the guidelines. I reserve every right to revoke your permission to use this resource without notice, warning, or refund. Likewise, I do not need to give you a reason upon request, nor have a reason at all.

    With this resource, you will also get support. Support includes, but not limited to, questions, suggestions, requests, and issues. You will not receive support if you contact me in a disrespectful or annoying manner. Please be mature when contacting me, it helps speed the process and make it easier for both of us. Also, you must contact me through what I say you can contact me. You may contact me through the ticket system, you may not contact me on discord. You will generally receive a reply from me within 24 hours.

    You will receive no refunds unless you have a valid reason and within 48 hours from the first purchase. I retain the right to deny you a refund and terminate your copy without notice. I retain the right to edit the license without notification when I please.