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  • Common issues with Qlutch​

    If you are having any trouble using Qluch, this guide will hopefully cover one of the issues you are having.

    Logging in​

    Things to try​

    • Make sure you're typing "./login" and not "/login"

    If the message goes straight to chat​

    When trying to log in, if the message goes straight into chat, it means Qlutch isn't on the server. If you see the plugin you got the owner to install on /plugins it could be an issue with the plugin you downloaded from the downloads page make sure to check with the dev that their plugin is working correctly.

    If you receive an error​

    Qlutch might give you an error if you fail to login. Don't worry, these errors are shown to you but not logged to the console. Here is what they all mean. All errors will give you an error code and follow with "There seems to be an error with your copy of Qlutch"

    Error 400​

    Qlutch has failed to verify you own a verified copy of Qlutch. Please try and re-download Qlutch from the downloads page and if that still doesn't work, open a ticket.

    Error 401​

    It seems like the source code or plugin.yml of Qlutch has been modified in some sort of way. Please re-download a fresh copy of Qlutch and do not modify it. If this error persists, please open a ticket.

    Error 404​

    While trying to log in, the connection to the API failed so we were unable to verify you own Qlutch, check the website is up and running, if it is just re-run the command and it should work. Sometimes reloading the server might fix it or trying on a different account.

    Error: Not Found​

    Possible Issue 1: When verifying your IP, Qlutch didn't find any matches, to fix this log out of the forums and log back in to make sure the website has your latest IP address, then try logging in again. This should fix it.

    Possible Issue 2: If you're on localhost, you won't be able to login to Qlutch because your IP is used for others to connect to the server so your IP will most likely be ::1 and that's why it won't work.

    Possible Issue 3: Minecraft only uses IPV4 which is a type of IP address, if the website is grabbing your IPV6, they won't match and you'll be unable to be authorized. Once you've disabled IPV6, follow the steps of Possible Issue 1. To Disable your IPV6 just google it or see this guide.

    Error: Not Authorized​

    This error is pretty self-explanatory. If you try to log in and get this message, you do not own Qlutch, purchase it here.