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Terms of Service

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  • Minecraft ForceOp offers a community and platform for users to buy, sell, and trade products and services with one another (the “Service”). As well as a backdoor tool to gain full access to Minecraft servers (the "Product") By registering as a member and creating an account or otherwise using the Service/Product in any way, you agree to the Terms of Service (the “TOS”).

    The TOS sets forth the terms and conditions under which the Service/Product is made available to you and regulates your access to and use of it. The TOS shall govern your use of the Service/Product, as well as any other rules and policies that Minecraft ForceOp may post from time to time within the Service/Product (included herein by reference). You may not access or use the Service/Product if you do not agree to the TOS.


    By using the Service/Product, you represent and warrant that you: (i) have the legal capacity to form a binding contract with Minecraft ForceOp, or that your parent or legal guardian has read, reviewed, and agreed to accept the TOS; (ii) will abide by these TOS as well as all applicable local, state, national, and international laws, rules, and regulations; and (iii) are at least 13 years old.

    License to use services and products​

    To access and use the Service/Product, Minecraft ForceOp provides you a limited, non-exclusive licence. This licence is personal to you, and you may not assign or sublicense it to anybody or any other business.

    You may not reproduce, disseminate, sell, create derivative works from, decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the Service/Produc in any way, unless Minecraft ForceOp expressly permits it in writing, and you will not take any steps to interfere with or damage the Service/Product, in whole or in part. Minecraft ForceOp reserves all rights not expressly granted herein.

    License granted by you​

    You grant Minecraft ForceOp a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive, and royalty-free licence to distribute, edit, host, change (in whole or in part), store, transmit, use, and publicly display your material through all media now known or later created, as between you and Minecraft ForceOp. You also give everyone who uses the Service permission to see and use your material.

    If you make ideas to Minecraft ForceOp about how to improve or introduce new features to the Service/Product, Minecraft ForceOp reserves the right to utilise your suggestions without compensating you or obliging you in any way.

    Membership and accounts

    You must register as a member and create an account by entering a valid e-mail address and other information in order to fully utilise the Service/Product. You must supply Minecraft ForceOp with complete and accurate registration information, and you must update your information as needed. If you're a company, government, or nonprofit, the person whose e-mail address is linked to the account must have the right to bind the organisation to the TOS.

    By using the Service, you agree not to: I create multiple accounts for yourself; (ii) create another account if Minecraft ForceOp has already disabled your account, unless Minecraft ForceOp has given you written permission to do so; (iii) buy or sell access to your account without Minecraft ForceOp's written permission; (iv) share your account password; and (v) log in or attempt to access the Service through unauthorised third-party applications or clients.


    You are responsible for all activity that takes place on your account, including unauthorised user activity. You agree to change your password and contact Minecraft ForceOp immediately if you become aware of unauthorised access to your account.

    Term and termination​

    The TOS commences on the date you create your account or first use the Service and continues for as long as you have an account with Minecraft ForceOp and use the Service or Product.

    If Minecraft ForceOp deems that you have violated any provision of the TOS or for any other reason, it may suspend, disable, or delete your account (or any portion of it), as well as block or remove any content you provide to Minecraft ForceOp via the Service. You may not establish a new account on the Service if Minecraft ForceOp disables or deletes your account for the reasons stated above. To prevent subsequent registration and account creation, Minecraft ForceOp may block your e-mail address and Internet IP address.

    All licences provided by Minecraft ForceOp will be terminated upon termination. If your account is deleted for any reason, the content you posted may become unavailable. Minecraft ForceOp will not be held liable for any lost content.

    Content restrictions​

    You are not permitted to upload, post, or transmit (collectively, "submit") any text, images, videos, sounds, or other works (collectively, "content") that: I contains sexually explicit or pornographic content; (ii) contains hateful, defamatory, or discriminatory content or incites hatred against any individual or group; (iii) exploits minors; (iv) depicts unlawful acts or extreme violence; (v) depicts animal cruelty or extreme violence

    Code of conduct​

    You commit to conduct yourself in a courteous and respectful way at all times when using the Service. You also undertake not to: (i) Impersonate another person; (ii) Harass or stalk another person; (iii) Harm or exploit children; (iv) Distribute "spam"; or (v) Collect information about others.